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POWER RENEW* LMPtAnrm pad a 0YN0-PR0VEN UP TO 97% TOTAL POWER RECOVERY PROVEN 99% INJECTOR FLOW RECOVERY PROVEN 100% MISFIRE REPAIR ONLY NEEDED 4X PER YEAR Proven to restore lost engine performance and fuel economy W-TtCHNOLOGY "T FOR CLEAHEM EkllSSJONsl^ < l Also Available For Diesels FROM "V THE MAKERS OF Brakleen The #1 brake parts cleaner among professionals! ^

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Tank Brochure - 2

PROVEN RESULTS after the FIRST use Robust one-tank cleanup in 100% of tested high-mileage vehicles easy access to CAPLESS GAS TANKS #05815 Treat your engine to 1-TANK POWER RENEW® and get back the power, performance and MPG you’ve been missing 99% Injector Flow Improvement Why is a Complete Fuel System Cleanup Needed? Fuel qualitydiffers from pump to pump and, over time, contaminants in fuels will cause carbon deposit buildup throughoutthe fuel system. Carbon deposits harden on intake valves, piston heads, cylinderwalls and injectors and lead to decreased MPG, hesitation, stalling,...

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Tank Brochure - 3

CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW® FOR GASOLINE DEEP CLEANS: • Indirect AND DirectFuel Injectors • Intake Valves Proven to Clean Intake Valves on Gasoline Directlnjection (GDI) Engines • Combustion Chambers • Emissions Control Systems • Carburetors • Intake Ports • CylinderHeads • Piston Tops • The ENTIRE fuel system Restores fuel system to LIKE-NEW in just ONE TANK • Reduces engine knock, ping and run-on • Restores lostengine performance • Reduces the need forhigheroctane fuels • Intensive depositcleanup allows foreasiercold starts, fasteracceleration and betterairflow • Works in gasoline and ethanol...

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Tank Brochure - 4

DW10 TEST - TOTAL POWER RESTORATION 4 Base fuel power loss after 30 test cycles After 16 cycles of everyday fuel additives After 1 cycle of CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW TOTAL power restoration in ONE DW10 test cycle! COMPLETE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANUP TEST CYCLE PEUGEOT XUD-9 TEST - INJECTOR FLOW RESTORATION 100 90 80 Average 99% injector flow after ONE cycle of CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW! After CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW PROVEN RESULTS after the FIRST use Robust one-tank cleanup in 100% of tested high-mileage vehicles 100% Power Restoration – PROVEN! 100% Deposit Removal – PROVEN! 99% Injector Flow...

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