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STOP LEAK SOLUTIONS Permanent Repairs, Emergency Repairs and Prevention SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY & FORMULAS SINCE 1938

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Identify your vehicle's leak K&W offers a complete line of Stop Leak products for aging vehicles that will get you back on the road fast. K&W leak solutions are affordable and effective alternatives to costly repairs and parts replacements. We know that sometimes you just need to keep an older car running, and the cost of the repair can exceed the value of the vehicle itself. When used properly and in the right circumstances, K&W Stop Leak products can save you both time and money! Use the diagram below to help identify your type of leak. Common Symptoms Bubbles in the recovery tank,...

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Choose the right Stop Leak product Once you have determined the type of leak, use this guide to help select which product is best for you. Whether you are a “weekend mechanic” or a savvy professional, K&W has a cost-effective solution to repair your vehicle’s leak. For head gasket and block repairs, choose one of three options suited to your specific situation and skill level. ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK PERMANENT REPAIR REPAIR DIFFICULTY POUR & GO FORMULA NANO TECHNOLOGY TIME TO COMPLETE ESTIMATED $ COST ESTIMATED $ SAVINGS* GUARANTEE Repair estimates will vary depending on the type of vehicle...

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Get the best results To ensure that you get the best results, it is very important to read all label instructions thoroughly before using any products in your vehicle. K&W products are proven to perform, and we guarantee results with our Money Back Guarantees. FiberLock® Head Gasket & Block Repair Easy Pour and Go Formula! Permanent • Under 30 Minute Repair Double Money Back Guarantee • Permanently fixes head gaskets, engine blocks, cooling systems and cylinder heads • Contains 3 unique technologies - Military-Strength Fibers create multi-layer repair over crack with a web-like weave -...

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Super Turbo™ Engine Oil Stop Leak Creates a Leak-Free System in 500 Miles or Less Stops Leaks, Restores and Reconditions Seals and Gaskets Money Back Guarantee • Stops engine oil leaks by rejuvenating worn or aged engine seals, valve cover gaskets, timing gear gaskets and other seals found in today's high-tech engines • Compatible with all motor oils • Easy to use 402715x6 15 FL. OZ. Steer-X® Power Steering Stop Leak Repairs Dried, Hardened and Shrunken Seals Money Back Guarantee • Quickly stops leaks in all domestic, imported and heavy-duty power steering systems • Conditions internal...

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More great products for your vehicle Look for our full line of K&W products for repair and maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system, engine, transmission and power steering system. Trans-X® 75K High Mileage Transmission Treatment Stops Slips and Fixes Leaks For Vehicles with 75,000 Miles or More Money Back Guarantee Scientifically developed for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. Repairs leaks and extends transmission life. Stops and prevents leaks and restores smooth shifting. 402916x6 16 FL. OZ. £ 60 I Instant Cooling System Stop Leak One-Step Permanent Repair Just Pour and Go Double...

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