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Programs & Products Solution Guide CRC Industries, Inc. • 800 Enterprise Road, Suite 101, Horsham, PA 19044 Phone: (215) 674-4300 • Fax: (800) 272-4560 • Customer Service: (800) 272-4620 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 CRC®, Sta-Lube®, K&W®, MaryKate® and products denoted with TM and ® are trademarks or registered trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc.

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CRC INTERACTIVE EZ CROSS APP The CRC EZ Cross App is a competitive cross reference app that allows the user to scan the UPC code or enter the part number of a competitive MRO chemical product, resulting in the corresponding CRC product match. CRC EZ Cross provides detailed product specifications, as well as links to SDS, PDS and more! Features include: • UPC scan or manual entry of competitive part number • Manufacturer name & product name search capability • Detailed search on CRC product specifications & documentation • Product documentation in PDF format (multi-lingual) • In-App...

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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemical maintenance products for nearly six decades, CRC has made a commitment to provide the best solution for our customers. CRC can help meet the challenges of today's highly regulated environment by offering a full line of specialty chemical products custom-matched to meet every application need. CRC always has the right solution for our customers' MRO challenges because we offer a broad range of products. We have over 800 SKUs in product categories including Precision Cleaners, Degreasers, Lubricants, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Sealants....

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RISK REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP PLANTM CRC is committed to providing our customers with value-added services through the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™. CRC, together with distribution, works with our key end-users to improve the overall management of their MRO chemicals and provide them with documented cost savings. This award winning program was designed specifically to reduce costs and minimize risks associated with the acquisition, use and disposal of maintenance chemicals. The Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™ will help identify and sort out confusing cost generators. By combining...

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G PROG CRC Industries offers safety meetings on a variety of topics relating to MRO Chemical Safety. CRC conducts safety meetings for groups of any size. The meetings are 20-30 minutes in length and upon completion the attendees will receive a certificate of training. A sign in sheet records who has received the training which is required by many companies to satisfy their training objectives. General Aerosol & Chemical Safety Flammable Aerosols Aerosols & Electricity Aerosol Disposal Fire Safety with Chemicals Fire Basics Identification of Flammable Chemicals Fire Prevention Emergency...

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Developed in response to a growing need within the industry to minimize the risk of food contamination from maintenance chemicals across all food processing areas, the StopLight® Program helps to insure proper product usage, minimum risk and cost, and maximum regulatory compliance. This proactive program assists with the proper application and management of maintenance chemicals within a food processing/manufacturing facility by coding products and application areas as Red, Yellow or Green. Each facility makes their own determination regarding the coding process to meet their specific...

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STOPLIGHT® FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM HOW DOES STOPLIGHT® WORK? Through a combination of forms, posters, safety stickers and shelf labels, CRC StopLight® implementation tools are intended to clearly identify the correct product for the application and where in the facility they can be used. STOPLIGHT® FORMS AND FLYERS First step is to pinpoint potential hazards within a facility’s processes and to recommend control measures using the Hazard Identification & Control Measures Form. Next determine which areas, products and applications are designated Red, Yellow and Green by utilizing the Food Guide....

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THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, BE SAFE HOW CAN CRC KEEP YOUR WORKERS SAFE? There are over 3 million reported nonfatal workplace injuries a year.¹ Many of these injuries could have been prevented by making the right choices in your facility. CRC can help by providing a product line to protect workers from potential harm or damage: The number one most frequently cited OSHA standards violation is fall protection.¹ CRC has a variety of Safety Paints formulated to mark hazards & objects, improve grip on slick surfaces and enhance traction. Insects such as mosquitos, ticks and wasps can cause workplace...

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THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, BE SAFE SAFETY AT WORK PROTECTION FROM INSECTS FIRE ANT KILLER Fast-acting, highly effective insecticide packaged in aerosol and long-lasting granules. WASP & HORNET KILLER PLUS™ A dense, accurate spray that will reach up to 20’ to drench harmful insects and their nests. BEE BLAST® Insecticide with residual that instantly soaks harmful insects and their nests with a high output 20’ blast. INSECT REPELLENT High strength formula to repel all types of biting insects to protect outdoor workers. Contains 25% DEET. FR CLOTHING INSECT REPELLENT Treats flame resistant...

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New and improved search features allow the user to find a particular product by name or part number. Additionally, search results can be filtered by specific characteristics such as plastic safe & flammability. CHEMICAL SOLUTION TO KEEP YOU MOVING The ability to quickly browse by one of our 11 industries and 6 brands including, SmartWasher® and Sta-Lube® right on the home page. Get the latest news from CRC including corporate press releases, motorsport updates, and new products. THE MYTH OF THE WRENCH JESSI HEADS TO NEW ZELAND FOR CRC The CRC EZ Cross App and The CRC EZ eCatalog App are...

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ENGINE REPAIR BREAKTHROUGH AT HAND The top section of the hompage has a featured product and background on a rotating slider. Get up-to-the-minute information on CRC through a variety of social channels including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The latest information from CRC Motorsports including: Auto racing, Off Road and Marine. Providing quick links to CRC locations from across the globe including: South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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