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About CRC Industries GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS CRC Global Locations USA | Horsham, PA • Warminster, PA • Ivyland, PA • Reno, NV • Norcross, GA GLOBAL | Canada • Mexico • South America • United Kingdom • Belgium Denmark • Norway • Sweden • Finland • France • Spain/Portugal • Germany Poland • Russia • Hungary • Turkey • Middle East • China • India • Malaysia South Africa • Australia • New Zealand CRC began in a Pennsylvania garage in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with a single product: CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, a multi-purpose lubricant. Today, CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty...

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SZ3 SmartWasher SMARTWASHER® SW-23 MOBILE PARTS & BRAKE WASHER SZD SmartWasher SMARTWASHER® SW-37 MOBILE HEAVYWEIGHT PARTS WASHER SZD SmartWasher SMARTWASHER® SW-423 MOBILE PARTS WASHER KIT An alternative to conventional petroleum-based parts washing systems.This bioremediating unit eliminates the expense and liability of hazardous waste removal. No flash point, no toxic solvents and no caustic materials while remaining intensely powerful. An alternative to conventional petroleum-based parts washing systems.This bioremediating unit eliminates the expense and liability of hazardous waste...

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ON & OFF HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER ON & OFF GEL HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER The #1 hull cleaner and strongest formula available. Works instantly to remove the toughest waterline stains, algae and barnacle stains, rust and gas exhaust stains. Use on fiberglass only. Will not harm gel coat. MK2032 32 fl. oz. 12/cs Unique viscous formula clings to the surface to remove stubborn scum lines and rust stains. Bold, blue color makes it easy to see where the product has been applied. Brush or roll onto fiberglass surface and rinse off. Pleasant scent. MK3532 32 fl. oz. 12/cs Specifically formulated...

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CLEANING DETAIL® NON-SKID DECK CLEANER Cleans and brightens fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome, brass and aluminum. Removes dirt, grease, grime and chalking. Easy to use on most surfaces above the waterline. Great for non-skid decks, shower stalls and tubs. MK2132 32 fl. oz. 12/cs BIG BULLY® NATURAL ORANGE BILGE CLEANER Works instantly to emulsify oil, grease, gasoline and diesel fuel. Tough citrus cleaning power absorbs odors and leaves bilge areas clean and fresh. Self-cleaning formula is activated by the rolling action of the boat. MK2332 32 fl. oz. 12/cs SPRAY AWAY™ ALL...

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HIGHLIGHT™ SPRAY WAX Highly concentrated blend of rich waxes. Instantly gives a high-gloss hand-rubbed look. Protects against sun, salt and weathering. Waxes and polishes fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome and brass. MK2618 18 oz. 12/cs 9 ■un nr CLEAR VINYL CLEANER & POLISH Cleans, polishes and protects all transparent clear vinyl in one easy step. Great for isinglass, clear vinyl enclosures, plastic windshields, hatches and instruments made of Plexiglas®*, acrylic, Lexan®** and polycarbonates. Spray-on, buff-off. MK6414 14 oz. 12/cs 9 ■■Knurr ULTRA VINYL CLEANER Removes deeply...

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VISICLEAR® DISPLAY CLEANER & ELECTRONIC SCREEN CLEANER Streak-free foam cleaner clings, won't drip and is alcohol and ammonia free. Will not damage screen protective coatings. Use on plasma/LCD displays, touchscreens, computers, cell phones and PDAs, gPs screens and CRT monitors. Leaves no residue and dries fast. 05131 6.9 oz. 12/cs w;toi ^ DUSTER™ MOISTURE-FREE DUST & LINT REMOVER Quickly and safely blasts away dirt, dust, lint and other contaminants from any surface. Ideal for sensitive electronics. Penetrates hard-to-reach cracks and crevices that normal handdusting cannot...

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6-56® MARINE MULTI-PURPOSE LUBE Clear, thin film lubricates and protects against wear and saltwater corrosion. Drives out moisture to help start wet engines. Loosens rusted parts. Contains no silicone components that can harm oxygen sensors. 06005 5 oz. 12/cs 6-56® MARINE MULTI-PURPOSE LUBE ZERO VOC Odor-free, zero VOC alternative. Provides long-lasting, superior lubrication. Drives out moisture that can cause electrical failures and hard starting. Penetrates deep through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen parts. Contains no silicone components that can harm oxygen...

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HEAVY DUTY CORROSION INHIBITORS Seals out salt air and moisture to prevent corrosion. Will not crack or craze. Flexible amber coating provides long-term protection for metal components, electrical connections, engine components, fasteners, steering and throttle linkages. Contains no silicone components that can harm oxygen sensors. 06026 10 oz. 12/cs W Salt Terminator®ENGINE STOR® Engine Flush, Cleaner &FOGGING OIL Corrosion Inhibitor Protects marine engines during seasonal storage. Clings to internal engine components to keep pistons, rings and cylinder walls corrosion-free....

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Stor & Go® Ethanol Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer 4-in-1 Formula The ULTIMATE Protection & Performance • Maximum Corrosion Protection • Stabilize Fuel in Storage & in Use • Cleans Entire Fuel System • Restores Power & MPG Ethanol-blended fuel can lead to excess water in the fuel system; water in the fuel system can lead to severe corrosion, engine damage and unanticipated shut-down. Ethanol is naturally attracted to water and prone to separating from the gas and blending with any water molecules in the fuel system. This harmful "phase separation" of the fuel can lead to severe corrosion,...

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OCTANE BOOST Increases octane rating of gasoline for maximum horsepower and torque. Protects rings, pistons and combustion chamber from low octane. Reduces or eliminates engine knock and ping. Improves starting. One bottle treats up to 20 gallons of fuel. Contains no lead or alcohol. 06067 12 fl. oz. 12/cs Cleans gum, varnish and carbon from the fuel system, injectors, pistons, and combustion chamber. Removes moisture from fuel and oil systems and lubricates engine components. For use in gasoline, diesel, ethanol and oil. Pour into fuel system, induce directly into combustion chamber...

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