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STOPLIGHT ® FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM MINIMIZE THE RISK OF FOOD CONTAMINATION Developed in response to a growing need within the industry to minimize the risk of food contamination from maintenance chemicals across all food processing areas, the StopLight® Food Safety Program helps to insure proper product usage, minimize risk and cost, and establish and maintain FSMA requirements. StopLight® involves the use of colored- coded stickers placed directly ® on CRC MRO products to determine where the product can be used, who may use them and where they should be stored. Non-food compounds and...

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FOOD GRADE EQUIPMENT LUBRICANTS INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND COST SAVING SOLUTIONS Food Safety is a primary concern across the entire supply chain. The goal of food processors and packaging manufacturers is to prevent food contamination and to keep their plants running efficiently. CRC provides innovative products and cost saving solutions for this ever changing industry. The CRC broad line of lubricants has been specifically developed for the food processing industry. Learn more about CRC bulk food grade lubricants: • Air Tool Oils • Compressor Oils • Hydraulic Oils • Gear Oils • Chain Oils •...

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FOOD GRADE MULTI-PURPOSE OIL Multi-purpose food grade oil formulated with USP grade white oils. Perfect for use in food processing, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

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DIRECT FOOD CONTACT WHITE OIL NSF 3H Registered white oils are purified mineral oils that are edible, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. These products are useful in coating and release applications.

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FOOD GRADE SYNTHETIC COMPRESSOR OIL Fully synthetic fluids blended from premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils for use in compressor systems within the food industry. Excellent compatibility with elastomers, seals, plastics, and paints. Offers a wide temperature range and increased service life.

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FOOD GRADE AIR TOOL OIL Formulated with high quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil to meet the lubrication requirements of air line equipment. Formulated with high performance antioxidants and anti-wear additives to meet the challenges of industrial environments. Package Viscosity Viscosity Flashpoint Pour Point Specific Part# Size ISO Grade @40°C/100°C Index (°F) (°F) Gravity FOOD GRADE SYNTHETIC PAG GEAR OIL PAG gear oils are engineered to provide significantly improved wear, oxidation, and lubricity versus PAO and mineral-based gear oils. Typical applications include:...

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