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Disinfect and Sanitize with from CRC What is the difference between a “Disinfectant” and a “Sanitizer”? Disinfectant A is a product which completely destroys bacteria, fungi or viruses in 10 minutes. You must leave the disinfectant on the surface for a prescribed time (usually 10 minutes) before wiping in order for it to work effectively. (Tested under AOAC* Germicidial Spray Products Test) A Sanitizer is a product which reduces bacteria levels by 99.999% in 30 seconds. (Tested under AOAC* Germicidal and Detergent Method) Generally, disinfectants completely destroy a broader spectrum of contaminants. HYDROFORCE® Germicidal Foam Cleaner Completely destroys target organisms in 10 minutes. Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorizes F oam clings to vertical or inverted surfaces without runs or drips Controls Mildew and Mold Effective against Staph, Salmonella and certain other bacteria EPA and NSF C1 Registered HYDROFORCE® Surface Sanitizer Works much quicker than disinfectants. In addition, it is in a convenient spray bottle for quick spot sanitizing. Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 60 seconds Ready-To-Use. No preparation / down-time required No Mixing required. Unlike concentrated products, there is no need to mix fresh solution daily Eliminates odors caused by bacteria EPA and NSF D2 registered Just spray and walk away. No rinse formula *AOAC= Association of Analytical Communities

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HYDROFORCE GERMICIDAL FOAM CLEANER ® Clings to tough vertical surfaces. Powerful cleaning agents lift off dirt, dust and grease. HYDROFORCE® Germicidal Foam Cleaner Container Size Flash Point Water-Based Quaternary Ammonium Solution White Foam HYDROFORCE SURFACE SANITIZER ® Convenient, ready-to-use sanitizer to meet any food safety guidelines. HYDROFORCE® Surface Sanitizer Container Size Flash Point Water-Based Quaternary Solution Customer Service: (800) 272-4620 • SDS Faxback System: (215) 442-6260 Technical Assistance: (800) 521-3168 • www.crcindustries.com/ei CRC®, Sta-Lube®, K&W®,...

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