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CRC Industries, Inc. 885 Louis Drive • Warminster, PA 18974 Customer Service: 800-272-8963 Fax: 800-272-4560 Technical Assistance: 800-521-3168 SDS Faxback: 215-442-6260 CRC®, K&W®, Sta-Lube®, Marykate® and all products denoted with ® and ™ are trademarks of CRC Industries, Inc. ©2015 CRC Industries, Inc. Printed in USA crcindustries.com • 800-272-8963 facebook.com/crcauto • twitter.co

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Global Headquarters Warminster, PA USA CRC began in a Pennsylvania garage in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with a single product: CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, a multi-purpose lubricant. Today, CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty products, manufacturing over 1,300 items and developing specialized formulas to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, Marine, Heavy Duty, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial and Aviation markets. CRC serves customers around the world with manufacturing and distribution throughout Europe, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific marketing areas. CRC...

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DISC BRAKE QUIET Forms a water resistant, high temperature film that instantly absorbs vibrations and quiets disc brake noise. For use on the back of non-shimmed disc pads. 05016 4 fl. oz. tube 12/cs DE-SQUEAK™ BRAKE CONDITIONING TREATMENT a Spray on rotors and drums on every brake job to eliminate and prevent brake noise. Metallic formula fills grooves in friction surfaces for smoother braking. 05080 11.25 oz. 6/cs iwr'i SILARAMIC® BRAKE SYSTEM GREASE Protects all moving caliper hardware, mating surfaces and backing plates with the latest rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives to provide...

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BRAKLEEN® NON-FLAMMABLE BRAKE PARTS CLEANER The original BRAKLEEN - our strongest formula! Chlorinated formula quickly removes brake dust, brake fluid, grease and other contaminants from all types of brake systems including ABS. Cleans fast and dries faster! 05089 19 oz. 12/cs BRAKLEEN® NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE PARTS CLEANER ▲ 50-State Formula with Power Jet™ Technology The strongest 50-state formula available. Power Jet™ technology provides a more powerful spray which blasts away brake dust, brake fluid, grease and oil while using less product and taking less time to clean. 05050 14 oz. 12/cs...

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diesel & heavy truck maintenance COMPLETE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANUP DW10 TEST - TOTAL POWER RESTORATION 4 Base fuel power loss after 30 test cycles After 16 cycles of everyday fuel additives After 1 cycle of CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW PROVEN RESULTS after the FIRST use Robust one-tank cleanup in 100% of tested high-mileage vehicles CRC 1-TANK POWER RENEW for Diesel is a scientifically advanced formula, concentrated to deliver a powerful SHOCK to your dirty fuel system. Made with maximum potency chemistry it’s the most powerful diesel system cleaner available. • 100% Power Restoration – PROVEN! • 100%...

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FUEL THERAPY® DIESEL INJECTOR CLEANER PLUS Cleans injectors, disperses water, conditions & stabililzes fuel and lubricates fuel system for increased engine life. Increases power and fuel economy and reduces emissions. ULSD Approved. OK for Biodiesel fuels. 05212 12 fl. oz. FUEL THERAPY® DIESEL INJECTOR CLEANER WITH ANTI-GEL Prevents diesel fuel from gelling in cold temperatures. Lowers pour point by as much as 35°F. Cleans injectors and helps restore spray pattern for more efficient combustion. ULSD Approved. OK for Biodiesel fuels. 05412 12 fl. oz. COLD FLOW™ DIESEL ANTI-GEL WITH LUBRICITY...

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DRY GRAPHITE LUBEa A dry film lubricant is ideal for applications where petroleum products must be avoided. Bonds instantly to metal, rubber and plastic and most substrates to form a dirt-repelling barrier that lubricates and protects the surface from pressure and friction. Withstands extreme temperatures pressures, water and chemical attack. Lowers friction and galling, resists dirt and dust build-up. Dries rapidly at room temperature. Effective up to 850°F constant and 1000°F intermittent. Excellent conductivity. 03094 10 oz. 12/cs RED GREASEa Heavy-duty, NLGI Grade 2 aluminum complex...

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FREEZE-OFF® SUPER PENETRANTa Immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray. The freezing effect cracks rusted surfaces, allowing the lubricating solvent to penetrate faster and work more effectively than other penetrant products. Low VOC formula. 05002 11.5 oz. 12/cs HEAVY DUTY SILICONE LUBRICANTa Clear, non-staining film lubricates metal, rubber, nylon and wood to eliminate squeaks and binding caused by friction. Water resistant film perfect for applications exposed to the elements. Low VOC formula. 05074 7.5 oz. 12/cs [W??l POWER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE...

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Engine Degreaser ENGINE DEGREASER Quickly dissolves and lifts off oil, grease and road grime from engines for cooler, more efficient running. Easy to use: spray on and rinse off. Leaves no residue. 05025 15 oz. 12/cs ENGINE DEGREASER GEL FORMULA Penetrates and removes the most stubborn baked on engine greases and road grimes. Unique formula clings to all surfaces longer and penetrates deeper than conventional engine degreasers. Low VOC formula. 05026 15 oz. 12/cs ENGINE DEGREASER CITRUS FORMULA Powerful citrus cleaning formula dissolves and lifts off the toughest grease and road grime. Low...

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m;.1! BATTERY CLEANER WITH ACID INDICATOR Yellow foaming cleaner instantly detects acid leaks and turns pink upon acid contact. Neutralizes acid and effectively cleans terminals, connectors, cases and hold downs. Penetrates and removes corrosion allowing for maximum current flow. BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR ▲ Lead-free, long-lasting red film coating. Protects battery terminals, cables and bulkhead connectors from corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. 05046 7.5 oz. 12/cs SINGLE USE BATTERY MAINTENANCE TWIN PACK ▲ CRC Battery Cleaner instantly detects leaks and...

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Product Development & -Quality Control ^-^CRC has 17 chemists and technicians working to develop the best formulas with superior product performance. We use only the finest raw materials, and our Quality Control team tests each component to ensure they meet specifications. MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER ▲ The original MAF sensor cleaner. Safely cleans and protects MAF sensors. Dyno proven to increase horsepower and improve air/fuel ratio. Reduces rough idle, hesitation and pinging. Improves fuel mileage. Plastic safe, leaves no residue. 05110 11 oz. 12/cs THROTTLE BODY & AIR-INTAKE CLEANER ▲...

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