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How to Choose the Right Leak Repair Solution for the Job K&W Block Seal: One of the First Coolant Additives to Provide PERMANENT Repair K&W FiberLock®: Advanced Chemistry Pour-&-Go Formula with Military-Strength Fibers

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Choosing a Head Gasket Repair Product Head gaskets can fail for various reasons, including engine overheating and pre-ignition or detonation, but many times it’s simply because the vehicle is old and the head gasket can no longer withstand the pressures of the cooling system. At this stage in a vehicle’s life-cycle it is common that a mechanical repair will cost more than the total value of the vehicle. For the professional, a head gasket repair is time-consuming and not very profitable. For the do-it-yourselfer, the repair can be extremely expensive. This is why CRC provides cost- and...

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K&W K&W FiberLock® Head Gasket & Block Repair CR( I need a PERMANENT leak repair product that is EASY TO USE. FiberLock A = A typical block repc* pAd attempting to adhere to b rwn surface, but the particles iroko large leaving room for Mm B = K&W® FIBERLOCK® nanoparticles making a -arvi^ more solid bond to the rvM Eury, pjur-M PERMANENT, POUR & GO • For DIY'ers or Professionals • Premium Product • Newest Technology • Pour & Go Formula • Permanent Repair • Antifreeze Compatible (no flushing required) • DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee • Approx Retail: $35-40 I just wanted to let you know...

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K&W Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair CR< I used your K&W Permanent Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology, and it worked. I had a very large leak between the head and the intake manifold; it would have cost $800.00 to repair. I was at AutoZone yesterday, and the store manager said your stuff would fix my problem. For $20.001 took a chance, and WOW am I happy, I have been driving my car all day today. If it is really "permanent," then I will continue to be happy! Thank You, Thank You Thank You. -Cary I perform my own maintenance. I need a PERMANENT leak repair product. Dear CRC:...

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K&W Permanent Metallic™ Block Seal PERMANENT, PROFESSIONAL GRADE • For Heavy DIY'ers or Professionals - Requires Draining and Flushing Cooling System • The Original Block Seal • Top Seller • Value-Priced Product • Immediate Permanent Repair • Approx Retail: $10-15 I want to offer my customer an alternative to a costly head gasket replacement. FEATURES & BENEFITS: I hope you guys fully understand just how great your product is and how much it really helps the little man in today’s world. I bought a used Chevy Blazer and found out it had a blown head gasket, and trying to make ends meet...

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Directions: K&W Block Seal and K&W Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology The below instructions should be followed when using either K&W Permanent Metallic™ Block Seal (#401016) or K&W Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology (#401232). PREPARATION: Park vehicle in a spot where it can sit for at least 24 hours. Products needed: K&W Block Seal OR K&W Head Gasket & Block Repair with Nanotechnology, Radiator Flush and Radiator Anti-Rust. Other products and tools required: antifreeze, drain pan and basic hand tools. Step 1: Drain antifreeze into drain pan. Product cannot be added...

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Semi-Permanent & Emergency Repair Products I need an EMERGENCY repair product so I can drive my vehicle to an auto repair shop. Instant Cooling System Stop Leak with Nanotechnology • Just pour into radiator and go! • Works great as an emergency repair • Approx Retail: $5 - 9 INSTANT COOLING SYSTEM STOP LEAK DIRECTIONS: ADD TO ANTIFREEZE – DO NOT ADD TO ENGINE OIL. 1. With engine off and cooled, remove radiator cap. 2. Shake bottle well. Pour contents into automobile or light truck radiator (1 bottle treats cooling systems up to 20 quarts). Top radiator off with antifreeze-water solution. 3....

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CR< Mark Salem ASE Master Tech Owner of Salem Boys Auto in Tempe, Arizona If water freezes at 32°F, why doesn't my engine freeze when the temperature drops below zero? Water turns to ice or a solid at 32°F. Your water pump cannot pump ice. So, we lower your freezing point by mixing 50% distilled water with 50% coolant or antifreeze. That 50/50 mixture will give you a freeze point of -34°F. That lowers your freeze point by 66 degrees (+32°F minus -34°F = a 66 degree improvement). You can buy a device for less than $15 to test your freeze protection. This device will tell you what your...

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