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Global Headquarters Warminster, PA USA Today, CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty products, manufacturing over 1,300 items and developing specialized formulas to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, Marine, Heavy Duty, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial and Aviation markets. CRC serves customers around the world with manufacturing and distribution throughout CRC began in Europe, Central and South a Pennsylvania garage in America and Asia-Pacific marketing areas. CRC operates 1958 as “Corrosion Reaction 14 facilities that produce more Consultants” with a single product: CRC...

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Split Decision ? There's a CRC Brakleen® that's just right for Your job. Brake Parts Cleaner Formula Available Fast Cleaning Quick Evaporation Contains No CFCs Which Deplete the Ozone Layer Brake Parts Cleaner Limpiador para pieias de freims Brake Parts Cleaner LimpHndor para pieias tie fr*"05 Removes Brake Fluid, Degreases Instantly ■A'' JL HARMFUL OR FATAL IFSWf«" Making Brake Service Better. Brake Parts Cleaner State Regulations Chlorinated Solvents Superior Cleaning Recycling Costs Contains No CFCs Which Deplete the Ozone Layer Scan this code with your smartphone or visit...

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brake system maintenance Brakleen® Non-Flammable Brake Parts Cleaner The original BRAKLEEN – our strongest formula! Chlorinated formula quickly removes brake dust, brake fluid, grease and other contaminants from all types of brake systems including ABS. Cleans fast and dries faster! 05089 05089T 05090 05091 05093 19 oz. 19 oz. 1 gallon 5 gallon 55 gallon Brakleen® Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts CleanerL 50-State Formula with Power Jet™ Technology Brakleen® Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts CleanerL The strongest 50-state formula available. Power Jet™ technology provides a more powerful spray which...

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g|g brake system maintenance Brake System Grease Protects all moving caliper hardware, mating surfaces and backing plates with the latest rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives to provide lasting protection against friction, Ideal for high performance Brake Conditioning Spray on rotors and drums on every brake job to eliminate and prevent brake noise. Metallic formula fills grooves smoother braking. Disc Brake Quiet Forms a water resistant, high temperature film that instantly absorbs vibrations and quiets disc brake noise. For use on disc pads. Synthetic Brake & Caliper Grease Synthetic...

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brake system maintenance Sta-Plex™ Extreme Pressure Premium Red Grease A superior multi-purpose certified lithium complex based NLGI #2 grease. Contains extreme pressure, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation additives. Ideal for high temperature and performance applications. Drop point: 500°F. SL3190 SL3191 SL3195 SL3197 Marine Grease Boat Trailer and 4X4 Grease 14 oz. cartridge 14 oz. can 35 lb. pail 120 lb. keg 3 oz./3 per card Smooth, tacky, red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors. Good water resistance, won’t wash out. Great for sliding surfaces and open gears...

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lubricants & penetrants Freeze-Off® Super Penetrant L Heavy Duty Silicone™ Lubricant L Immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray. The freezing effect cracks rusted surfaces, allowing the lubricating solvent to penetrate faster and work more effectively than other penetrant products. Low VOC formula. Clear, non-staining film lubricates metal, rubber, nylon and wood to eliminate squeaks and binding caused by friction. Water resistant film perfect for applications exposed to the elements. Low VOC formula. Power Lube® Multi-Purpose Lubricant Ultra...

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cleaners & degreasers Engine Degreaser Quickly dissolves and lifts off oil, grease and road grime from engines for cooler, more efficient running. Easy to use: spray on and rinse off. Leaves no residue. 05025 Engine Degreaser Gel Formula Engine Degreaser Citrus Formula Penetrates and removes the most stubborn baked on engine greases and road grimes. Unique formula clings to all surfaces longer and penetrates deeper than conventional engine degreasers. Low VOC formula. Powerful citrus cleaning formula dissolves and lifts off the toughest grease and road grime. Low VOC formula. Clean-R-Carb™...

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electrical maintenance Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator Battery Terminal Protector L Yellow foaming cleaner instantly detects acid leaks and turns pink upon acid contact. Neutralizes acid and effectively cleans terminals, connectors, cases and hold downs. Penetrates and removes corrosion allowing for maximum current flow. Lead-free, long-lasting red film coating. Protects battery terminals, cables and bulkhead connectors from corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. Lectra-Motive® Electric Parts Cleaner QD® Electronic Cleaner Quick Dry Cleaner L Mass Air Flow...

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engine & oil maintenance Motor Treatment Cleans gum, varnish and carbon from the fuel system, injectors, pistons, and combustion chamber. Removes moisture from fuel and oil systems and lubricates engine components. For use in gasoline, diesel, ethanol and oil. Pour into fuel system, induce directly into combustion chamber via main manifold vacuum line and add to crankcase. 05316 Cleans intake system, valves and combustion chamber for improved engine performance. Increases MPG, restores power and reduces emissions. Solves many rough-idle problems. Spray into throttle body. To prevent future...

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fuel system maintenance A Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Restores Lost MPG and Horsepower Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner L The MAF sensor constantly measures the amount and density of the air entering the engine so the computer knows how much gasoline to inject into each cylinder. Located after the air filter and ahead of the throttle body, the MAF sensor works by holding the operating temperature of a heated wire (hotwire) or flat film element at a constant temperature. A vehicle’s computer depends on extremely accurate measurements from the MAF sensor to help calculate everything from the...

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