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Special shrink tunnel for sleevewrappers Universal 650/950N + HV Delivering Strong Shrink Results in Polyethylene Applications The Universal N and HV shrink tunnels are perfect for All Polyethylene applications. These models are ideal for fully-automatic sleeve wrappers such as the Kallfass SW 500, SW 650/950 IL as well as the SW 500/800 Servo. The Universal tunnels have high capacity heating systems which provide outstanding shrink results. Adjustable registers on both sides and bottom allow for fine-tuning of the airflow for all sizes of products. Variable speed blower and speed controls are also standard. The Universal HV tunnels offer an additional complete fusion seal when used with sleeve wrappers. This patented technology allows for completely enclosed packages to be produced inside the shrink tunnel. Compressed air is used to overlap the 2 film layers on both sides. Heated air from the bottom and sides heats and shrink films. This technology offers up to 15% film savings over other competitors using side seal stations or tuck and fold units to close the sides of the product. Dual layer tunnel chambers offer extremely high insulation and energy savings over single layer tunnel chambers.

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Technical data Universal 650 N + HV Universal 950 N + HV Special voltage (for standard voltage see technical data) Machine dimensions (approx. in mm): (This drawing may show options which are not included in the basic machine version and are available against up-charge only.) CPS&S Inc. 770-751-7400 E-Mail: info@kallfass.-uscom Website: www.kallfass-us.com

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