Sleeve wrapper - Super Wrap 650 de Luxe IL, Super Wrap 950 de Luxe IL


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Sleeve wrapper - Super Wrap 650 de Luxe IL, Super Wrap 950 de Luxe IL - 1 Fully automatic sleevewrapper Super Wrap 650 and 950 de Luxe in-line One machine does (almost) everything! The Super Wrap de Luxe In-Line sleevewrapper is characterised not only by its acceptance of a wide variety of applications but is also impressive in terms of its speed and reliability. Glass, cans, cartons and boxes, both single and multitier, with and without trays, can be automatically handled at pack rates up to 28 per minute. Available in two width versions, the Super Wrap 650 and 950, allow clearances of 650 mm and 950 mm respectively. For larger applications, a third machine option is available offering a width clearance from 1300 mm up to 1600 mm. In conjunction with the latest technology HV Shrink Tunnel, the Super Wrap de Luxe In-Line, is capable of achieving fully enclosed packs with side fusion seal, whilst maximising film savings. Super Wrap is a name synonymous with a machine concept, meeting the most stringent demands with regard to flexibility and reliability. As the last link of the production chain, Kallfass products hold a particular significance. Maximum availability and trouble free operation of the packaging unit are a determining factor in the successful operation of the entire production process. The Super Wrap de Luxe In-Line is a machine you can rely on in demanding production conditions. Results count.

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Sleeve wrapper - Super Wrap 650 de Luxe IL, Super Wrap 950 de Luxe IL - 2

Facts, data, figures Technical Data Film (flat film): Outside diameter of film reel Width of film roll: Clearance width Clearance height, adjustable: In-line transport conveyor (infeed area) Discharge conveyor (outfeed area): Operator interface Seal system - seal bar with exchangeable sealing ledge in profile contour, continuous heating, temperature thermostat-controlled, with special coating, maintenance-free, completely odourless operation: Pneumatically operated equipped with safety brake cylinders: Film tear and film end control: Upper and lower film pre-dispensing for extremelx light...

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