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One for all occasions The fully automatic side sealer Universa 400 is the answer to (almost) all packaging requirements. Its name reveals the con- cept and objective for this universal film packaging machine. The encoder control by KALLFASS based on the Siemens S7 was realized for the first time in serial machine production. Complicated and time consuming fine tuning of timers with different product length or speeds are history. End users with constant product change-over appreciate the advantages of encoder controls. Manufacturing plants with a wide product range, as well as industrial service - and contract packagers, profit highly from a simplified production process. Another advantage for all users: exact bag lengths within tight tolerances. Every bag has the same length guaranteeing consistently high quality.A wide range of options is available with the UNIVERSA 400, so it can be configured for many special applications. The optional modem and Ethernet connection make the UNIVERSA 400 the perfect component for fully automatic packaging lines, including with main server. >

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400 1400850 ca.1770 Kallfass Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH GERMANY Siemensstra֟e 8 .72622 Nrtingen-Zizishausen Phone +49/7022/607-0 . Fax +49/07022/607-200 > UV400-03_2007_GB .Technical alterations reserved info@kallfass.com .www.kallfass.com >

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