Fully-Automatic, Continuous-Motion Side Sealer UNIVERSA 500 SERVO


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w w w. k a l l f a s s. c o m up to 120 cycles/min Fully-Automatic, Continuous-Motion Side-Sealer U N I V E R S A 5 0 0 S E RV O The new UNIVERSA 500 SERVO is a hybrid that closes the gap between intermittent-motion and continuous-motion machines of today. It is the first time that a single machine can offer combined advantages from both machine types. One example is the film transport with vacuum belt that creates an even drag across the whole width of the film to form accurately dimensioned square bags. This delivers perfect packs that meet the most demanding requirements: high-impact retail packaging for software boxes, CD or DVD cases, praline boxes, books, magazines, and other high-value products. An ingenious motion control system - that has SIEMENS® SIMOTION® and servo drives for all product relevant mechanism allow packaging with continuous product flow. The smooth product transport through the machine minimises slippages of stacked products and problems with slightly unstable collations of products.The UNIVERSA 500 SERVO is equipped with the uncomplicated product infeed from our highly successful UNIVERSA 400. Randomly spaced products of different lengths can be wrapped. The integration of the machine into a production line is straightforward. The UNIVERSA 500 SERVO incorporates also the features of the UNIVERSA 400 that provide an almost effortless product changeover with only a few adjustments.

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Fa c t s, d a t a , f i g u r e s Technical Data product rate depends on product and film: width of cross seal bar: max. clearance in height of sealing frame: min. product length: film: film cradle: outside diameter of film reel: width of film reel: speed of transport conveyor, variable: sealing system: operator interface: programmable logic controller (PLC): power supply: rated capacity: nominal current (at 400 V): 120 packs per minute 550 mm 200 mm 80 mm centre-folded film, approx. 12 - 80 micron close to floor for easy film reel loading max. 400 mm max. 600 mm 10 – 40 m/min. permanently...

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