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Flexible shrinkfilm packaging machines for frequently changing products Results count.

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Perfect answers to your questions At the end of the day for you counts: no break down, We know exactly what you need – and we know no frustrated employees, all orders processed – and how to convince you. First of all with an unbeatable above all: perfectly packed products. Thus you rely price-performance ratio. Because we relate to you on our experience in the field of co-packing and price advantages coming from our tight procurement stemming from it our expertise in this field. With management. And once you have decided for a only a few machines out of the KALLFASS production KALLFASS film...

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That’s what satisfied customers say MULTIPACK Advertising and Mailing Company Kleve Task: confectioning of frequently varying sizes DIN A7 to A3. Solution: . KC 8060 UNIVERSAL . SERVO JET 400 with shrink tunnel The maximum performance of the continuous motion side seal machine SERVO JET 400 allows for a notably increased output compared to an intermittent motion side sealer. The continuous motion mode of the SERVO JET offers a maximum smoothness of running for the products during the packaging process. Advantage: many multipacks don’t require bundling prior to film packaging. At the same...

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Efficient packaging ensures your profitability Time is money: simple format change Operating: safe and easy – even with trained You want your employees to quickly change over the film packaging machine without any specialists ? In particular handicapped workshops and co-packers Many KALLFASS machines do offer in addition to the know: the safety of the operators and the avoidance product data memory (i.e. UNIVERSA 400) a path of wrong machine settings help to prevent unproduc- control: when changing the product size or when tive down time. Machines from KALLFASS are equip- changing the...

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That’s what satisfied customers say KAY-SER, Bielefeld Task: confectioning, packaging and bundling of CD’s, DVD’s and printed matter Solution: . UNIVERSA 400 with shrink tunnel . SUPER WRAP 650 de Luxe in-line . KC 5040 UNIVERSAL “High reliability of the KALLFASS machines, which are also well designed and built, even with complex and more challenging packaging applications. Flexible and quick reaction time on complex and short term customer requirements. HANAUERLAND workshops, Kehl-Kork “The most important features for us are safe Competent and fair advice by KALLFASS is always in the...

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The ideal service for co-packers You want to be sure before you buy. Therefore our experts advise you oriented on your needs. What do you need to pack and do you need a new machine after all ? Sometimes, an existing KALLFASS machine can be adapted, in many cases our hints provide an easy solution. Our knowledgeable field technicians are there quickly, because our various locations make for short distances. These experts are at your disposal and inform you also about pre-owned machines and leasing options. DRUCK+PACK SERVICE, Hamburg Task: product sampling for sales enhancement at the POS...

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Full program For co-packers and service providers KALLFASS shrink film packaging machines are If really at some time in the future a new machine is equipped exactly with those technologies which required we take back your used machine and furnish allow you on a daily basis to pack rationally and you out of our vast production range with a perfect easily. This allows you at any time to work solution in every perspective. efficiently and most economically. Model range Application area Performance Side sealers intermittent motion Model range Application area Performance KW, KC, UNIVERSA 5050 ....

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Kallfass Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH Siemensstraße 8 . D-72622 Nürtingen-Zizishausen Phone: +49 (0)7022/607-0 . Fax: +49 (0)7022/607-200 .

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