Automatic High-Speed Shrink Wrapping Machine: UNIVERSA 500 Servo


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Fully-automatic high-performance side sealer with traveling cross sealing system Universa 500 Servo The Universa 500 SERVO as a “Hybrid” is closing the gap between cycling and continuous motion machines available in the market place today. For the first time, this machine combines advantages from both machine classes into 1 unit, such as full width film transport with vacuum belt for totally square and even bags. Perfect packaging for even the highest requirements is guaranteed. High quality retail packaging for chocolate, software boxes, DVD’s, CD’s, books, magazines and other high quality retail products. The continuous motion cross seal and the precise motion control concept with SIEMENS® SIMOTION® as well as Servos for all product related drives allow random packaging with continuous product flow. The soft product movement during the wrapping process minimizes the slip of stacked products and complicated collations. The “500 Servo” uses the same simple product infeed as our highly successful Universa 400. It can easily be integrated in existing production lines. Products with random spacing and different lengths can be wrapped. Format change over, using hand wheels is done quick and easily. The Universa 500 SERVO: ultimate performance at an afford

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Facts, Data, Figures Technical Data product rate depends on product and film: width of cross seal bar: max. clearence in height of sealing frame: film cradle: close to floor for easy film loading outside diameter of film reel: width of film reel: speed of transport conveyor, variable: sealing system: permanently heated seal bar with sealing ledge temperature regulation and control via PLC operator interface: programmable logic controler (PLC): SIMOTION from SIEMENS power supply rated capacity: machine controlled with measure values, not time values. This makes product or speed changes fast...

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