Automatic High-Speed Shrink Wrapper: Servo Packer 500


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Servo Packer S E RV O PAC K E R 5 0 0 Continuously fast instead of intermittently slow The products are wrapped on the SERVO PACKER with continuous product flow. The machine reaches speeds up to 120 cycles/min, which makes the SERVO PACKER 500 the „new fast continuous-motion hybrid from Kallfass” – a mixture of a universal side-sealing machine and a film packaging line for extremely tight packaging. The SERVO PACKER 500 uses two rolls of flat film. Film transport in the machine is made on both sides and perfectly rectangular film bags are created without any distortion. These are the best conditions for accurate sealing seams with square-shaped products, like praline boxes. This machine runs without a forming shoe, as the bag is sealed on all four sides. Not only all standard films, also stiff and brittle biopolymer films can be processed on this machine, e.g. PLA. Extremely dull or poor quality films with acceptable sealing properties are also no problem for the SERVO PACK

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Automatic High-Speed Shrink Wrapper: Servo Packer 500 - 2

Fa c t s, d a t a , f i g u r e s Technical Data product rate depends on product and film: width of cross seal bar: max. clearance in height of sealing frame: min. product length: min. product width: film: outside diameter of film reel: width of film reel: speed of transport conveyor, variable: sealing system: operator interface: programmable logic controller (PLC): power supply: rated capacity: nominal current (at 400 V): working height, adjustable: position of control cabinet: colour: 120 packs per minute 21 1/2“ 8“ 3“ 3“ flat film, approx. 30 - 250 gauge max. 10“ max. 25 1/2“ 15‘ -...

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