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FVIVacuum Filters The FVI range is compatible with pneumatic vacuum generators (venturi) or electric vacuum pumps (the FVI 2 model is suitable for a suction turbine). Each filter is fitted with an interchangeable cartridge treated to guarantee long life expectancy for the whole unit. The filtering element consists of a 5 micron filter (made of paper for version C), which is sufficient to protect pumps and venturi under normal operating conditions. Note: For filtration leaving large deposits (powder), mount the filter horizontally or upside down. Important: These filters are designed for vacuum. They cannot withstand pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. Filter cartridge available in 3 versions: paper, polyester and stainless steel. Note: all dimensions are shown in (mm) For all orders, please specify: Model + Fitting + Filtering material e.g.: FVI34P 1: Model 2: Fitting , COYAL vacuum managers

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Other Models FVG 11-2-3-5-6 series vacuum filters, for micro-ejectors ■ Polyester cartridge ■ See page 10/8 FVUM 14-38 series vacuum filters for GVP 12 and 15 vacuum pumps ■ FVUG 38-12 vacuum filters, in-line stainless steel cartridge for GVP 15 and 25 vacuum pumps and small electric vacuum pumps. ■ See page 10/7 COVAL vacuum managers

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