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Soft And Flexible Suction Cups, MVS Series - 1

MVSSoft Suction Cups for High Speed Applications COVAL has designed a range of high performance cups in order to meet demanding industry requirements for gripping soft or flexible products at high speeds. ■ Soft, thin sealing lip and optional cleats provide a perfect grip during high work rates for all types of flexible shapes and materials. ■ Food-grade silicone meets FDA and CE 1935/2004 standards. ■ Available in 1.5 and 2.5 bellows. ■ Available in 0 20-40 mm. Applications This flexibility allows for high speed gripping of all types of materials and foods: FlowPack, DoyPack, thermoformed food trays, raw materials (sausage, fresh fish, cookies, chocolates)...Speeds of 120 or more grip and release cycles per minute. Materials SIB 35 Shore A white silicone SIT5 50 Shore A Translucent silicone (1) Actual holding force of the suction cup at a vacuum of 65% on flat and smooth surface and safety factor of 2 included. For applications requiring suction cups with a smaller diameter, we recommend the VSA series in the SIB version, see page 2/25. Note: Nozzle fitting IM5MVS see page 4/9. Specify the part number e.g.: MVS302.5SIBC Please refer to the characteristics table above Accessories To optimize the use of your suction cups, Coval offers a comprehensive range of accessories (nozzle fittings, spring extensions, and feeder systems, etc.), see chapters 4 and 12. JCOVAL vacuum managers

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Soft And Flexible Suction Cups, MVS Series - 2

MVS Soft Suction Cups for High Speed Applications DimensionsSuction Cups MVS202.5 The values represent the average characteristics ot our products. Note: All dimensions are in mm

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