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SIL GV. SIL K -- C Diffuser Type Silencers, Through-type Silencers From when it was founded, COVAL has always given particular attention to reducing the noise of vacuum pumps and improving their performance. Often copied, never equalled, the acoustic performance of COVAL vacuum pumps stems from the inside shape of the venturi system and the innovative design of the hit-tech soundproof materials used for the silencers. Through-type silencer ■ Noise reduction mastered. ■ No clogging. ■ No pressure loss. SIL GV series diffuser-type silencers Noise reduction by breaking up the air jet in a baffle inside the diffuser. Passage of air through a soundproof material. SIL K -- C series through-type silencers ■ Noise absorbed laterally by soundproof material. ■ Free output without pressure loss or clogging. Note: all dimensions are shown in (mm) Special: COVAL develops tailor-made through-type silencers according to specifications, male of female fitting, length, diameter, characteristics on request. , COVAL vacuum managers

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