Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE100P Series


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Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE100P Series - 1

The PSE 100 P series vacuum switch with pneumatic output allows the vacuum level in the system to be checked by means of a patented system This vacuum switch exists in two versions: NO version recommended for the "air saving" function on a venturi and NC version for the "safety" function (object detected, etc.) and "SFC signal". Industry-specific applications Dimensions Additional Information (i) ■ Mounting as GVO option in the GVP / GEMP vacuum pump range. Pneumatic connection Vacuum switch attachment - Clip Part No: PSE.F (1) Vacuum threshold - Adjustment screw (2) Hollow shaft for tube, inside 0 2.7 mm (3) Vacuum (4) NO or NC output (5) Pressure input For all orders, please specify: Model + Version. 1: Model Note: all dimensions shown in (mm) , COYAL vacuum managers

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