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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 1

Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR (Air Saving Regulator) Industry-specific applications Advantages  Simplified installation and use thanks to the Plug & Play system  Unmatched compactness: Installation close to suction cups  short response times and energy savings.  No clogging, thanks to the through-type silencer.  A LEMP for every need: optional vacuum switch.  Installation: standalone or island assembly. For all objects, porous or airtight Compact Integration The illustrations below demonstrate the functions integrated in the mini-module, and their respective roles in operation. The result of this COVAL innovation is:  A mini module (≅ 110 g) that is easy to install close to the suction cups, reducing the volume to be evacuated  increased speed and energy savings.  A complete module (including integrated pressure regulator and clog-free silencer ), therefore not requiring any additional function or connection. P = 4.5 to 7 bar Integrated functions ➊ 3.5 bar Pressure regulator ➋ 3.5 bar optimized Venturi ➌ Clog-free silencer ➍ Electronic vacuum switch Combined "venturi regulator" ASR: pressure regulator : ➊ feeds venturi ➌ with 3.5 bar, the optimized pressure for its operation. Energy savings  No more unnecessary consumption of Consumption Nl/min (ASR): Air Saving Regulator The LEMP vacuum pumps, which integrate an ASR "venturi regulator" combination, maintain ideals that COVAL values greatly: reducing both compressed air consumption and noise generation. Regardless of pressure supplied by the compressed air network, the integrated regulator feeds the venturi at 3.5 bar pressure, optimal for its operation.  No more unnecessary energy consumption.  No external regulator required and thus the risk of inadvertent misadjustment is eliminated. Compared to pressures found in most compressed air networks (5-7 bar), the graph opposite demonstrates an achieved economy of 40% on average. Schematic representation

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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 2

Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR Optional Vacuum Switch/Stand-alone and Island Modules Version with Integrated Vacuum Switch The front dialogue panel shown below displays the real-time vacuum level and lets the operator set the threshold level which triggers the "object gripped" signal allowing operations to continue. This communications panel is particularly visual and intuitive. It makes it easy to monitor production. display of adjustment mode selected "object gripped" indicator real-time vacuum-level display vacuum and hysteresis threshold adjustment adjustment-mode selection: vacuum and...

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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 3

Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR Selection Guide LEMP: Versatile Series for all Applications The opposite page demonstrates the versatility of this series. In addition to a very wide range of complete, stand-alone, or island vacuum pumps, there are the option of with or without vacuum switch. Select Vacuum Level and Nozzle Diameter  Airtight products handling: glass, plastic, coated wood, metal sheet… Because vacuum leaks are limited, the vacuum level to be used may be high: between 50 to 80%, to be generated by a 85% max. vacuum level venturi. Taking into account the volume to be emptied and...

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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 4

Part numbers for an island assembly or components in an island Part numbers for stand-alone units VACUUM LEVEL NOZZLE DIAMETER ISLAND ASSEMBLIES VA VO ■ Electronic vacuum switch with digital display and adjustment ■ No vacuum switch and no adjustment LEMP--X—B2 island assembly with 2 identical modules. B3 B4 LEMP--X—B3 island assembly with 3 identical modules. If the planned island contains different module types, it must be ordered as separate components in order to then be assembled on site according to the arrangement suitable to the application. COMPONENTS FOR THE ISLAND TO BE ASSEMBLED...

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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 5

Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR Dimensions / Mounting options Stand-alone Modules = 4.5 to 7 bar 2 connecting screws or bolts, Ø 4mm Side mounting Individual mounting plate with 4 fixing screws For front mounting, order the necessary kit, in addition to the module: Front mounting kit: 1 plate + 4 screws Front mounting A module can be clipped onto a DIN rail. For this purpose, the module must first be equipped with an individual DIN installation plate, ordered separately: 1 plate/clip + 4 screws Islands Front mounting Individual mounting plate with DIN fixing clip and 4 fixing screws 4 optional holes...

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Mini-Vacuum Pumps With ASR, LEMP Series - 6

LEMP Mini-Vacuum Pumps with ASR Characteristics / Assembling an Island Overall Characteristics ■ Supply: non-lubricated air filtered to 5 microns according to standard ISO 8573-1:2010 [4:5:4]. ■ Operating pressure: 4.5 to 7 bar. ■ Mini dynamic pressure: - stand-alone module: P = 4.5 bar. - island modules: 4 bar. ■ Maximum vacuum: 60% or 85% depending on model (see page 7/17). ■ Suction rate: 29 to 92 Nl/min depending on model (see page 7/17). ■ Air consumption: 44 to 90 Nl/min depending on model (see page 7/17). ■ Electrical protection level: IP 65. ■ Weight: 90 to 110 g, depending on...

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