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Compact Vacuum Pumps automatic energy savings Suction flow rate from 29 to 275 Nl/min. Nozzle diameter: 1, 1.2, 1.4, 2 and 2.5 mm. 60 or 85% of maximum vacuum. Easy implementation: Plug & Play, multiple choices. Compactness: LEM/LEM+ vacuum pumps are the most compact on the market. Short response times: Installation close to suction cups. Automatic blow-off (LEM+): Automation efficiency due to an automatic blow-off function configurable from 0 to 10 seconds. Dust resistant: Non-clogging through-type silencer. Safety: Product gripping is maintained even during power failure. Nozzle diameter:...

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Mini Vacuum Pumps LEMCOM COYAL vacuum managers 1st mini vacuum pump on industrial fieldbus ■ Maximum intelligence / minimal bulk. ■ One “master” module controls 1 to 15 secondary modules. ■ Master module is a fully-integrated pump. ■ Remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics ■ Dedicated Coval bus between master and secondary modules. ■ Simplified wiring and installation. ■ Standard secondary modules (regardless of the type of bus). ■ Additional communications port. ■ Supported buses: EtherNet/IP™ / CANopen®... ■ IP65 / M8 standard connectors. LEMCOM master aasaa oosoo Ethen WIP ■...

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Located in the southeast region of France, COVAL conceives, manufactures and globally distributes high performance, advanced vacuum automation components and systems for industrial applications in all branches. COVAL References can be found in several industrial sectors (Packaging, Automotive Industry, Plastics, Graphic, Aeronautic…) where vacuum handling is important for high efficiency and productivity. COVAL is an ISO 9001: V2015 certified company which offers innovative solutions integrating reliable and optimized components with intelligent functionalities. The focus is to provide the...

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