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Due to their lightweight and compact design (only 7 to 13 g depending on the version), the "just plug it in" CIL ejectors can be easily integrated into the compressed air network and very close to the suction cups, even in the most inaccessible parts of the machine. Use COVAL advises using CIL in-line ejectors for handling electronic components and other lightweight objects, feed systems, "Pick and Place" applications and separating systems for machining sheet metal or plastics. Industry-specific applications Advantages Flexible installation ■ Simple, efficient connection Push fittings, M12 male or M14 male thread. ■ Improved reliability due to no moving mechanical parts. ■ Silent operation Nozzle-mixer combination resulting from new COVAL fluidics. ■ Optimized performance CILs are available in 3 nozzle diameters (0.5, 0.7 and 0.9 mm), max. vacuum 85%. Size 1 (M12): 0.5 and 0.7 nozzles Size 2 (M14): 0.9 nozzle - For calibrated pipe 2.7 x 4 mm (size 1) - For calibrated pipe 4 x 6 mm (size 2) Evacuation Time in Seconds Manifold mounting M12 (size 1) or M14 (size 2) incorporated male thread allows several CIL in-line vacuum modules to be integrated into a machined block to feed several suction cups simply and economically from a single source of compressed air. Delivered with a zinc-plated steel fastening nut. Please specify the part n°. e.g. CIL190X05R See Characteristics table - 6/2 - , COVAL vacuum managers

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In-line Ejectors Dimensions and Data Curves Dimensions Data Curves Vacuum generated: Suction flow rate generated: Suction flow rate/vacuum curves:  Adaptable to all industries  In-line connection  Installation very close to the suction cups  No clogging  Very flexible installation  Silent operation

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