Heavy-Duty In-Line Ejectors, GVR Series


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Heavy-Duty In-Line Ejectors, GVR Series - 1

Micro Ejectors The GVR range is designed for an industrial environment: ■ Compact ■ Lightweight ■ Optimized technical characteristics ■ Pollution-resistant with its through-type silencer (SILK 18C) ■ Easily integrated onto vacuum gripper ■ Pass-through mounting using M10 screws (GVR09) ■ Adaptable to all industries ■ Lightweight and compact ■ Reduced gripping time ■ Direct installation on suction cups ■ Excellent mechanical resistance ■ Blow-off option ■ No clogging ■ Silent operation Additional Information As standard ■ Vacuum switch or blow-off switch with SILGV 10. SILK18C silencer (through-type) on request. Optional ■ MS2M5 or MS4M5 blow-off valves with nonreturn valve on vacuum (see page 10/4). (1) SILK 18 C through-type silencer dimensions, see page 10/3. vacuum managers

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Heavy-Duty In-Line Ejectors, GVR Series - 2

GVR 09, 10, 12, 14 Micro Ejectors Dimensions and Data Curves Dimensions Data Curves Suction flow rate generated: Suction flow rate/vacuum curves: Vacuum G1/4"-F Silencer M5-F plug for vacuum switch Push fitting, outside Ø 6

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