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VACUUM MANAGERS Welcome to the new COVAL catalog! At COVAL, we set out to provide our clients and users with vacuum handling solutions that meet their goals in terms of profitability, productivity, quality, safety, and environmental conservation. To achieve this, COVAL is rallying its efforts to predict, plan, innovate, and manufacture with one aim in mind: offering the right products and services at the right time. In practical terms, this is what it takes:  Impeccable knowledge of various industrial sectors.  Being attentive and available to our clients’ teams and users.  The ability to...

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COVALvacuum managers COVAL SERVICES COVAL combines its products with efficient services to assist in defining your needs, selecting your solution, integrating your products, and optimizing your equipment. ► ALL COVAL PRODUCTS ONLINE Just click to access our entire product range, which is regularly updated, and download any of our catalogs. ► 3D ONLINE LIBRARY ► MOBILE APPLICATION ®3D COVAL Data You have free access to 3D files of all our products in formats compatible with leading CAD software from our website at You can use this fast, new, reliable service to make it easier...

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QUALITY AND INNOVATION COVAL applies an ambitious quality and innovation policy to all its product ranges. Our quality relies on a comprehensive approach, which brings together client focus, staff training, and teamwork. All these elements foster a favorable environment and culture for each collaborator to contribute to innovation. This commitment has led to several awards and certifications that reward both the products and their industrial applications. BROAD INNOVATION NETWORK With this standard, COVAL seeks to achieve the following:  Satisfy its clients’ quality requirements. At COVAL,...

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ENERGY SAVINGS COVAL is committed to making your vacuum handling system energy-efficient. Our goal is to optimize the overall performance of your equipment by operating on the following three principles:  Analyzing the system to identify the potential for savings.  Selecting the most appropriate solution.  Including COVAL energy-saving technologies, such as ASR and ASC, in our products. energy savings on average : AIR SAVING CONTROL energy savings on average The AIR SAVING REGULATOR (ASR) regulates the compressed air pressure to 3.5 bar in all circumstances to obtain a perfect mix of...

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MADE IN EXCELLENCE For more than 30 years, COVAL has been working every day on offering its clients outstanding products and services. This is not merely a goal, it’s a daily commitment that drives each of our teams: sales, engineering and design, production, logistics, innovation, and management. To foster this spirit of excellence, COVAL constantly invests in the following areas: MODERNIZING ITS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT to improve quality and productivity. TRAINING to enable each and everyone to update their skills, become more versatile, and advance within the company. OPEN INNOVATION to let...

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YOU DESERVE MUCH MORE THAN JUST VACUUM Being able to benefit from high-performance products for the vacuum handling of your workpieces, products, and packages is your main requirement, but that’s not enough by itself: you want solutions that are comprehensive, performing, and perfectly suited for your industry. In order to bring you more than just vacuum, we are committed to a comprehensive development approach: SOLUTIONS that take into account all your concerns:     KNOW-HOW that meets your needs: The constraints of your process. The specific features of your products. The safety of...

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Industry Solutions: FOOD PROCESSING Being located in France, the world’s second largest exporter of food, COVAL enjoys an exclusive relationship with the food processing industry. Whether this involves handling raw, prepared, or packaged goods, COVAL has continually developed and adapted its products to the food processing industry needs:  Making production lines more versatile.  Producing within a safe food environment.  Increasing productivity while maintaining a high level of quality.  Reducing production and maintenance costs. Suction Cups with a Firm Grip on Your Products SILICONE...

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Industry Solutions: PACKAGING Packaging plays an important role in industrial production. Vacuum applications in this field range from grasping small bags to handling large-sized cardboard boxes. Their extremely various size, shapes, weights, and materials are a result of the many functions they need to fulfill: hold, transport, and store products, but also inform, promote, and facilitate use, etc. Regardless of the type of packaging, the handling constraints are always the same:  Safety of goods and operators.  Handling throughput.  Versatility.  Energy savings. COVAL All Along the...

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Industry Solutions: AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY COVAL has been delivering simple, flexible, modular, compact, and energy-efficient vacuum handling and automation solutions to car manufacturers for more than 30 years:  High-throughput handling of workpieces on stamping press lines.  Workpiece transport and clamping for gluing and welding at welding stations.  Handling of windshields or sheet steel parts for assembly. Integration, Performance and Energy Savings C SERIES HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUCTION CUPS These suction cups are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and have been developed to...

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Industry Solutions: AERONAUTICS In a growing industry, the ability to reduce production times while preserving a high level of quality is essential. COVAL has worked on the following specific solutions with major manufacturers:  Gripping parts on laser-trimming machines.  Referencing and holding aircraft parts during drilling, sanding, riveting, etc.  Integrating vacuum components in demonstration tools.  Gripping aircraft parts made of various materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and composite materials. Dedicated Solutions for your Industry C SERIES HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUCTION...

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