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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 1

carbon Vacuum Grippers

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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 2

With their innovative design, Coval's CVGC carbon vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the weight constraints, flexibility and safety of collaborative robot applications. The CVGC series is composed of: ■ a carbon structure, 2.5 times lighter than aluminum and offering mechanical strength 6 times greater ■ flexible material on the gripper edges, to protect both gripper and operator ■ foam gripping interface, for versatile product handling ■ a plastic “function” block, including vacuum generator, pilot control cartridge, silencer and vacuum switch... ... all this, in a very compact and...

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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 3

Carbon Vacuum Grippers General Information Carbon design guarantees strength, rigidity and an unmatched lightness. Connector or wire output Vacuum Generator Integrated Mounting interface (3 models ISO 9409-1) Integrated vacuum generator and silencer Carbon structure Operator foam protection Electronic vacuum switch Solenoid valve for vacuum control 24 V DC + LED indicator Foam gripping interface NON-STANDARD VERSIONS Your job may sometimes bring situations of use for which our standard versions are not fully adapted. Coval is able to offer customized solutions by providing tailor-made...

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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 4

CVGC Carbon Vacuum Grippers Selection and Configuration To Order Electrical Connections

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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 5

CVGC Carbon Vacuum Grippers Dimensions and Characteristics Dimensions General Characteristics © “Vacuum” solenoid valve © Venturi © Through-type silencer © Foam gripping interface © Electronic vacuum switch © Input / Output board ■ Supply: non-lubricated air, 5 microns filtered, according to ISO 8573-1:2010 [4:5:4]. ■ Operating pressure: from 5 to 6 bar ■ Optimal pressure: - CVGC150x150 / CVGC 320x160: 5.5 bar - CVGC240x120: 6 bar ■ Maximum vacuum: 85%. ■ Vacuum command light: orange LED ■ Electric protection grade: IP40 ■ Control voltage: 24 V DC +/-10% The values represent the average...

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Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series - 6

A TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER ON A GLOBAL SCALE The references of COVAL can be found in several industrial sectors (Packaging, Automotive Industry, Plastic, Graphic, Aeronautic…) where vacuum handling is important for high efficiency and productivity. COVAL is an ISO 9001: V2015 certified company which offers innovative solutions integrating reliable and optimized components with intelligent functionalities. The focus is to provide the most personalized and economic solution to a given application while assuring a significant improvement in the productivity and the safety for the vacuum users...

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