MK612 Metal Marking Machine


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MK612 Metal Marking Machine - 1

Cougartron MK612 DATA SHEET GENERAL DESCRIPTION: MK612 is a smart and effective electrolytic marking machine designed for practical marking of logos, part numbers, QR codes, serial numbers, and other relevant production-related information on: Different types of metal surfaces Metal parts and components Tools and equipment Finished products Equipped with innovative variable voltage technology (6-12V). By lowering the voltage, this machine serves as an ideal solution for creating larger markings without losing color consistency. The MK612 weighs only 2.5kg and comes delivered in a handy carrying case for practical application on- and off-site. MK612 is suitable for marking on all conductive metal types. Contact us if you want a custom fluid developed at TECHNICAL INFORMATION

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MK612 Metal Marking Machine - 2

Cougartron MK612 Kit Contents PART CODE *For custom made multi use (up to 2000 times use) stencils please contact us at with the artwork and required dimensions so that we can send you artwork for approval and pricing.

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