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Cougartron ProPlus DATA SHEET GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Cougartron ProPlus is an electrochemical weld cleaning machine for stainless steel and aluminum. The system is best used on larger steel constructions (e.g. storage tanks) and provides consistent results with weld cleaning, passivation, and electropolishing. ProPlus successfully removes heat tints, discoloration, rust, and other types of contamination occurring on TIG & MIG welds. The machine is capable to withstand heavy-duty use – without overloading issues. With the addition of a Cougartron Basic Etching Set, ProPlus can also be used for marking and etching. *Please note: ProPlus machine bought before December 2019 is compatible with ProPlus Etching Set for marking and etching. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Input Power Output Power Cleaning capacity Functions Weight Power Application Part Code 230V, 50Hz 14V, 50Amps Single & double brush Cleaning TIG, MIG, polishing, passivation, marking 7.2kg – machine, 15kg – starter set 50Amps stainless steel, aluminum WELC1016 – Cougartron ProPlus Starter Set

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PRODUCT NAME Cougartron ProPlus Machine Unit Cougartron handle & lead with X connector, orange – 4M Cougartron earth lead & clamp with X connector, black – 4M Cougartron Superbrush with hex crimp 10pack Cougartron wand with twist shroud (for single brush) CGT-350 Weld Cleaning Fluid – 1L CGT-N1 Neutralizing Fluid – 500ml Acid Pot with lid – 500ml (for CGT-350 or CGT-550 cleaning fluid) Cougartron spray bottle with sprayer 0,5L (empty) for CGT-N1 neutralizer Cougartron microfiber cloth 40x40cm (black) Scan the QR code or click HERE and watch the Cougartron ProPlus Unboxing video

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