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Cougartron Powered by innovation

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COMPANY BACKGROUND Cougartron Powered by innovation In 2012, Jonathan Edwards (founder of Cougartron Inc) embarked on a project to design and develop a superior stainless steel weld cleaning machine that would provide faster results, improve working conditions, and yet be adaptable to different production applications. Cougartron's line of weld cleaners is a direct result of a thorough R&D process based on over three decades of deep industry insight and manufacturing experience. However, the project did not stop with the machines. We are continuously developing new brushes and fluids to be...

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CONTENTS Unparalleled weld cleaning performance Present worldwide What makes the Cougartron machines special Machine Overview InoxPower InoxPower features InoxMusde InoxMusde features Plus Plus features ProPlus ProPlus features InoxFury InoxFury features MK12 MK12 features Weld Cleaning Machine Accessories Weld Cleaning Brushes Weld Cleaning Brush Accessories Weld Cleaning Fluids Accessories Weld Cleaning Fluids Marking Fluids Etching sets & spares Stencils & printers MK12 Machine spares & Consumables Notes

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POWERED BY INNOVATION, SUPPORTED BY INSIGHT! The Cougartron brand is present on most continents with local presence in all major markets. We serve the Americas from the Cougartron, Inc. headquarters in Pennsylvania, and Europe from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information about Cougartron Inc. please visit:

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 6

Cougartron weld cleaning machines are designed with the focus on all key parameters that positively affect safety and productivity at the workplace. Cougartron machines are easy to transport and are therefore suitable for both stationary and non-stationary work. r DIMENSIONS Cougartron machines are exceptionally powerful for their size and offer the highest power-to-weight ratio on the market. r TECHNOLOGY Cougartron weld cleaning machines apply the latest electrolytic technology to maintain the consistency of your weld cleaning and surface polishing results. r USER FRIENDLY Our weld...

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 9

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The InoxPower is a compact and portable weld cleaning machine designed for both professional and hobbyist use within smaller production environments. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS This lightweight and practical machine is developed for stainless steel weld cleaning and marking. Unlike our stronger machines, InoxPower is not equipped for polishing but remains very efficient with weld cleaning and passivation. WELC1031 - Cougartron InoxPower Machine Set, 110V, 60Hz,14V

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 11

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The InoxMuscle is incredibly lightweight and compact weld cleaner with the ability to dean and electro-polish stainless steel welds and surfaces. This machine is ideal for everyday stainless steel TIG jobs. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS InoxMuscle offers flexibility and mobility as well as compact solution to your weld cleaning needs. At only 8.2 lbs, this machine has the highest power to weight ratio on the market. Its performance is stunning for its size. WELC102 - Cougartron InoxMuscle Machine Set, 110V, 60Hz,14V

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 13

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cougartron Plus is a smart alternative for smaller production environments and stainless steel weld cleaning. It is lighter while still being capable of exceptional TIG weld cleaning using the CougarSense technology. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS The Plus is a fantastic machine for one-step cleaning, polishing and etching. It provides the ability to clean welds efficiently with reduced down-time and more safety. This machine does not alter the surface and eliminates the posibility of rust. Use the Plus to avoid vibration injury or metal dust. WELCi 020 - Cougartron Plus...

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 15

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for superior weld cleaning, surface polishing and etching. This machine is able to clean both TIG and MIG welds on stainless steel and even on aluminum. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS The ProPlus is perfectly transportable and ideal for on-site use. It is remarkably lightweight but at the same time incredibly powerful. With the power readout screen, you can get the exact power output you need, and the precisely controlled current gives you always consistent results.

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 16

Light, Dark Light, Dark CLEANING ALUMINUM

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 17

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Cougartron InoxFURY is a high-powered machine developed for cleaning large and heavily oxidized welds. It is by far the strongest weld cleaning machine on the market - capable to clean TIG, MIG, MMA, Stick and other types of welds. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS InoxFURY is designed for effective weld cleaning, passivation and polishing, but can also be used for marking and etching on stainless steel and aluminum surfaces. The machine is best used for heavy-duty work and can be adapted to suit specific production requirements and applications.

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 19

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MK12 is a powerful yet efficient solution designed to meet your metal marking needs. This machine can be used for etching important information onto your parts such as names, part numbers, and logos. Its overall features and size make it a great tool for everyday use. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS This smart machine allows you to mark onto a range of metals including: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper. The MK12 is a super compact, quick and safe marking solution which will make your etching process more flexible and less time consuming. WELC4229 -...

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Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 - 20

PART# PRODUCTTYPE WELC2009 Cougartron 19.6 inch wand extension WELC2047 Cougartron handle & lead, orange, w/ X connector — 13 ft WELC2118 Cougartron earth lead & clamp w/ X connector — 13 ft WELC2176 Cougartron S/S earth clamp w/ X connector — 13 ft WELC2324 Cougartron InoxFURY Handle Cable Orange —19.6 ft WELC2325 Cougartron InoxFURY Earth Cable Black —19.6 ft WELC2120 Cougartron ext lead, black, w/ X connector —13 ft WELC2122 Cougartron ext lead, orange, w/ X connector —13 ft WELC2212 Cougartron IEC Power lead 6 ft 110V (USA)

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