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Cougartron InoxPower DATA SHEET GENERAL DESCRIPTION: InoxPower is a compact and portable machine for stainless steel weld cleaning and marking. It is designed for both professional and hobbyist use within smaller production environments. Unlike our stronger machines, InoxPower is not equipped for polishing but remains highly effective with oxide removal and passivation. The machine is best used for occasional weld cleaning without excessive workload – we recommend our other models for frequent and heavy-duty applications. With the addition of Cougartron Basic Etching Set, InoxPower can also be used for marking and etching. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Input Power Output Power Cleaning capacity Functions Weight Power Application Part Code 230V, 50/60Hz 14V, 30Amps single brush Cleaning TIG light & dark, passivation, marking dark 3,7kg 30Amps stainless steel WELC1031 – Cougartron InoxPower Machine Set

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Cougartron InoxPower Machine Set contents PART CODE WELC2047 WELC2118 WELC2167 WELC3101 WELC2149 PRODUCT NAME Cougartron InoxPower Machine Unit Cougartron handle & lead, orange w/X connector – 4M Cougartron earth lead & clamp , black w/X connector – 4M Cougartron wand with sliding shroud (for single brush) Cougartron Powerbrush – copper crimp (2pcs in the machine set) Cougartron Microfiber cloth 40x40cm Weld cleaning and neutralizing fluids are not a part of the InoxPower Machine Set. They must be purchased separately before you begin working with the machine. RECOMMENDED FLUIDS PART CODE...

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