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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Electrochemical weld cleaning machine for stainless steel and aluminium welds and surfaces. It is used to remove rust, oxidation, and other forms of heavy contamination on all types of TIG welds and 1-10mm MIG welds. With a maximum output power of 100 Amps, the Cougarton FURY 100 is the ideal transitional solution between the ProPlus (50 Amps) and FURY 200 (200 Amps) weld cleaning systems. The machine provides several operating modes which, in addition to cleaning and passivation, also allow effective electropolishing and marking*. FURY 100 provides the best results with the FURY Double Brush Set made for cleaning with two FURY weld cleaning brushes. *With the Cougartron Basic Etching Set, you can use the weld cleaner for electrolytic marking and etching. TECHNICAL INFORMATION

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