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A. Coste S.A.S

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A. COSTE S.A.S. METAL CONSTRUCTION FABRICATED FULLY MACHINED PARTS Since more than 40 years, Initials for Quality and Perfection

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Welding qualification INTERNHTIDNRL INSTITUTE OF WELDING A world of joining experience International WetdlngSpCatSt

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Adress:    A. COSTE    S.A.S Company has been created in 1971 Capital 100 000 € ZAE de Guinassou F - 24120 PAZAYAC Core business:    Metal construction making industry Welded fully machine parts Phone: Location: Located in Dordogne department (24) close Brive la Gaillarde (12 km). District served by highway Paris - Toulouse (A20 South / North) and Bordeaux - Lyon (A89 West / East). Trade Register ID:    343 455 721 RCS SARLAT

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TOP MANAGEMENT Mrs Annie COSTE M. Alain COSTE M. Stephane COSTE M. Sebastien COSTE Mrs Sandrine COSTE BONNEVAL M. Jean-Paul FOMPEYRINE M. Dominique FUMAT M. Alain RAZAKA : President and Business Controller : General Director and Quality Manager : Production Manager (IWS) : Sales Manager (IW S) : Account and Social Manager : Design and office Method Manager : Machining shop Manager : Supply Manager Quality System (procedure - instructions) created by A. COSTE according to : - ISO 9002 - D.N.V. (Det Norske Veritas) WELDING QUALIFICATION Qualification: - NDT (Non Destructive Test) COFREND 2;...

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COMPANY HISTORY 1971 - Alain COSTE (metal construction Master Craftsman spins off) creates the Company when he was 21 years old. Core business was small parts metal construction and locksmith trade. 1976 - Expansion of the Company in a new building of 250 m² located in MANSAC (19). Core business change and become sub assembly fabricated parts fully machined for Industry (machining shop) and boilers Industry – locksmith trade continue to be in the core business. Company employs 3 workers. 1978 - Business relationship with diesel engines builders start. Company makes samples and prototypes to...

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President Mrs. Annie COSTE Account Manager Mrs. Sandrine COSTE BONNEVAL General Director & Quality Manager Mr. Alain COSTE Sales Manager Mr. Sebastien COSTE Production Manager Mr. Stephane COSTE Design & Office Method Mr. Jean-Paul FOMPEYRINE Procurement Mr. Alain RAZAKA Machining shop Mr. Dominique FUMAT Metal Construction Mr. Stephane COSTE

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We are expert in Metal Construction and Fabricated parts fully machined. Raw Material used are: Steel - Stainless - Aluminium - Cupper Nickel. We are able to realize and adapt design from samples to small and medium size batch. Our core business is fully oriented for making complicated and technical parts. Our skill - knowledge and - work quality process added to our innovation and creativity experience is approved by our main customers: - Diesel engines builder - Weaponry industry - Machining tools industry - Company of the industrial weighing - Rubber industry A/Sales turnover...

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B/ List of Parts split 6y customers 1 - Diesel engines We make fabricated parts fully machines and assembled for diesel engines from 200 up 3000 HP. These engines are used for : a/ Battle tank engines b/Marine engines c/ Generator set engines d/ Pump engines e/ Railway trains List of parts name : • Oil sump • Oil - Air - Water - Gas conducts • Inlet and outlet manifold - Exhaust manifold with heat compensator -Exhaust housing with heat insulation • Engine - Turbocharger and filter frame • Heat exchanger housing • Engine housing • Exhaust housing for battle tank • Exhaust pipe with bellow •...

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CORE BUSINESS 2 - Rubber industry • Special machine • Moulding tools 3 - Weighing industry • Carrier platform • Weighing housing • Weighing frame • Hopper • Measure housing 4 - Food industry (bakers & confectionery) • Trolley 5 - Machining tools industry • Frame • Housing • Miscellaneous parts 6 - Railway • Engine frame • Engine and bogey frame • Inlet and exhaust pipes 7 - Defence • Radar frame • Heat exchanger frame • Inlet housing

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A/ Building Activity is done in a 2400 m2 building (1800 m2 for workshop and 600 m2 for offices) with potential extension.

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Miscellaneous engine frame Miscellaneous steel fabricated tube

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Steel inlet filter Miscellaneous steel fabricated tube Engine cooling pipe

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Steel fabricated pipe

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Stainless exhaust manifold 180° Stainless exhaust manifold 90°

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Injection tube and stainless exhaust manifold with water Injection tube and stainless exhaust manifold with water

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Injection tube and stainless exhaust manifold with water

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Stainless exhaust manifold Stainless exhaust manifold for battle tank

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Cupper nickel water pipe Cupper nickel pipe

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Miscellaneous fabricated parts Stainless turbo inlet elbow Stainless water pipe Miscellaneous fabricated parts

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Miscellaneous fabricated parts Machine guard Hood steel outlet

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Steel sleepers Steel supports

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Oil sump fully machine Miscellaneous fabricated parts

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Heat exchanger fresh water / sea water Water and air cooler frame for battle tank

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Steel fabricated radar frame Steel fabricated radar frame with stainless tank

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Aluminium fabricated housing

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Fabricated ventilation air housing

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Aluminium fabricated ferrule Intermédiaire Aluminium fabricated frame

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Miscellaneous fabricated parts Miscellaneous fabricated part

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Aluminium expansion tank Miscellaneous fabricated part

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Supply manifold Rail sensor

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Weight sensor Weighing bucket

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Weighing table Weighing table

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Mini weigher Conveyor scale agribusiness

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Heavy rocker conveyor Conveyor weighing

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Metal construction making industry Welded fully machine parts A.COSTE SAS ZAE de Guinassou 24120 PAZAYAC Phone : / Fax :

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