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Cosmotec Industrial Cooling Thermal Management Specialists Founded in 1989 as Cosmotec, the company started with the production of air conditioners for industrial control cabinets, which were soon complemented by chillers for automation processes and industrial applications such as laser cooling, machine tool cooling, oil cooling and any other process related to industrial air conditioning. In 2001, Cosmotec joined STULZ GmbH, one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy-efficient temperature and humidity management technology solutions designed specifically for mission critical applications. Values and Mission Our strength is our ability to provide customised solutions that meet the specific needs of the installation.Cosmotec has developed a product infrastructure that not only meets the requirements of critical applications, but can also be implemented in much more complex systems. The aim is to offer product-related services, but also to guarantee a cooling load with the highest possible efficiency. Cosmotec is making major investments, not only in production capacity but also in lean management and better organisation, to provide a faster response. Great attention is also given to designing efficient and reliable units that can be remotely connected and controlled with the possibility of being integrated into complex systems. Our aim is to ensure that the highest levels of quality, reliability and economic competitiveness are achieved, with the utmost respect for the Environment, Health and Safety of workers and customers. Quality System Cosmotec strongly believes in the commitment to improve sustainability, energy performance and quality of its processes and products. For this reason it has been working for some time now to be in line with the standards and directives put in place by the European Community, for example with the reduction global warming potential (GWP) in its units, with solutions that comply with the 2021 Directive. Company Certifications This commitment is also reflected in the certifications obtained such as: • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), a guarantee of a business model based on sustainability and reduction of environmental impact of products and the entire production process, to provide customers with a service that meets current environmental standards. All activities that may affect the environment are evaluated and controlled in accordance with current regulations. ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), which aims to improve the energy performance of the company, such as the reduction of energy consumption and related costs; reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of energy performance of the compa

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Making cooling greener, one step at time At Cosmotec we strongly believe that it is our duty to help reduce the impact that air conditioning and refrigeration have on the environment. To achieve this goal, we study the most ecological solutions, focusing on free cooling and energy efficiency, introducing low-GWP refrigerants, and adopting procedures that make all our actions greener. Here are some of the steps we have taken: Paperless documetation Free Cooling In order to reduce the amount of paperwork sent with our machines (excluding wall and roof mounted filter fans), our units are...

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Service The knowledge we have acquired developing industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, allows us to offer our customers a complete service, from the design of the systems to the supply of the machines, from the Start Up phase to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The level of complexity and precision required in today’s production processes require a high level of control and reliability. The management of temperatures and heat disposal is one of the critical issues to be addressed, considering the uniqueness of each process and application. Our technical...

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Selection & Monitoring Softwares What is the purpose of Cosmotec software? The correct cooling of industrial plants is vital for the operation of companies, as is the ability to monitor, even remotely, that all processes are running smoothly. In order to be at your side at all times, from planning (Web Select) to monitoring (Adam), we have developed two software packages, which we make available to you free of charge. Helping you choose Designing a refrigeration system for industrial applications requires specific skills, which we have decided to make more accessible thanks to XShark, an...

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Industrial Chillers How and why to choose an industrial chiller for your applications What is an industrial chiller? Industrial water chillers are used in a variety of applications where chilled water or fluid is circulated through process equipment. They are characterised by an immediate response to changing load requirements, the ability to modulate their cooling capacity, high control accuracy and reliability even within the limits of their operating conditions. Industrial chillers are commonly used to cool products and machinery in a multitude of different applications including...

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WLA Compact Air Cooled Chiller from 1,41 to 5.05 kW, Accurate temperature control of the process fluid WRA ErP Air Cooled Chiller from 4,7 to 16,3 kW Reliability and energy efficiency in line with the ErP2021 standard WRA Vertical Air Cooled Chiller from 3,6 to 51 kW For the cooling of water or process fluids WPA Mini - Techno Range Air Cooled Chiller from 29 to 72 kW Designed to deliver the high standards of reliability required by 24/7 production processes Air Cooled Chiller from 93 to 130 kW Designed to deliver the high standards of reliability required by 24/7 production processes Air...

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WLA Compact Reliability and Precision The performance of modern industrial processes is closely influenced by variations in their operating temperature and can be compromised by dangerous overheating. The new WLA Compact industrial chillers are designed to provide accurate temperature control of the process fluid and reliable operation in a wide range of industrial applications such as: cooling of machine tools, lasers, presses, extruders, and for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and medical sectors. Technical features - Cooling Circuit • Piston (mod. 02-03), rotary (mod. 05-08) or scroll...

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