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The history of Cosmotec began in 1989, in Peschiera del Garda, from the dream of people who strongly believed in their experience in industrial air conditioning and in sharing it with their customers. Shortly after the production of the first units and the beginning of export worldwide, the need to expand the product range to meet all the Thermal Management needs opened up; this led to the birth of the industrial refrigeration line, a major challenge that saw Cosmotec competing on an equal footing with important players in the industry, asserting what is its most distinctive trait: working closely with customers, providing products and solutions that can solve their needs. The approach chosen to meet market demands is lean and effective, a typical example of Italian flexibility, coupled with the solidity represented by the German STULZ group, which Cosmotec joined in 2001. With STULZ, the product lines expanded to include telecommunications and new ranges of chillers with increasingly higher capacities. The speed of product renewal grew dramatically, and to keep up with the needs of the markets, Cosmotec decided to invest in employee training, production quality and efficiency, product engineering, and, in addition, expanded its production area, with new lines and a state-of-the art Climatic Chamber. The company’s efforts are currently aimed at maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of its product ranges at the highest levels: the “Innovation Center” was created with this goal, in order to allow the development and testing of new technologies that meet the needs of sustainability and efficiency required by today’s market. All the achievements Cosmotec has made so far and those to come have been possible thanks to the commitment, ideas and work of the people who make it up and who help make it grow every day Paolo Perotti - CEO and Cosmotec Founder Foundation Year Worldwide partners

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Our Values The key to Cosmotec’s success lies in its continuous innovation, ability and flexibility in handling each project, from its conception developed in cooperation with the customer, through to installation, maintenance and service, each time studying specific solutions to the needs of each individual plant and application. Enthusiasm, the drive to strive for excellence and for new solutions in step with customer demands, attention to workers’ health and safety and to the environment, transparency and acting responsibly: these are the values by which Cosmotec is inspired by and by...

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Making cooling greener, one step at a time Cosmotec strongly believes in the duty to contribute to decreasing and improve the environmental impacts associated with its activities and products. In the Company One of Cosmotec’s main goals is the continuous improvement of environmental performance, to be achieved both through a reduction in wastage of resources (such as raw materials and energy) and through greater control of environmental costs, related to the treatment (disposal/ recovery) of waste. With that in mind, the company has achieved the following certifications: ISO 14001...

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Service The knowledge we have acquired developing industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, allows us to offer our customers a complete service, from the design of the systems to the supply of the machines, from the Start Up phase to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The level of complexity and precision required in today’s production processes require a high level of control and reliability. The management of temperatures and heat disposal is one of the critical issues to be addressed, considering the uniqueness of each process and application. Our technical...

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Selection & Monitoring Softwares What is the purpose of Cosmotec software? The correct cooling of industrial plants is vital for the operation of companies, as is the ability to monitor, even remotely, that all processes are running smoothly. In order to be at your side at all times, from planning (Web Select) to monitoring (Adam), we have developed two software packages, which we make available to you free of charge. Helping you choose Designing your own air conditioning system for industrial applications can be particularly complex, due to the many variables that need to be considered in...

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Industrial air conditioners for electrical panels How and why to choose an air conditioning system for the electrical panel Why cool an electrical panel? The cooling of electrical panels or cabinets is essential in any application to ensure the proper functioning of internal components and production processes, preventing and avoiding production and/or distribution downtime. Cosmotec products offer protection against: • • the formation of high temperature and high humidity and consequently overheating and condensation the infiltration of dust and/or sand, corrosive agents, etc. to prevent...

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Compact Protherm Wall mounted air conditioner Wall mounted air conditioner Wall mounted air conditioner Application: Indoor (CVE) Outdoor (CVO) Application: Indoor (CNE) Outdoor (CNO) Application: Indoor External /semi-flush (CVE07-15500S) mounting External mounting on cabinets with reduced depth Flush, semi-flush, external mounting For the conditioning of electrical panels where space is at a premium Page 33 Wall mounted air conditioner Application: Indoor Application: Indoor Application: Indoor Flush, semi-flush, external mounting Roof mounting External mounting For the cooling of modular...

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Compact Protherm Protherm Outdoor Compact Protherm Protherm Indoor Overview Air Conditioners Coolig Capacity

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Condensate Evaporator Device without any power consumption for the elimination or reduction of condensation produced by the air conditioner. Operating principle: Condensate falls inside a container into which the compressor’s hot tube is passed, evaporating the liquid. The vapour formed is transferred to the outside environment through the air flow of the condenser fan.

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