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DATA SHEET Standard Specifications (Specifications for non-standard actuators, eg. HE-version, may vary) Motor/Gear 24 VDC permanent magnet motor (max. current for ratio 4-14-17-24 is 8 A, ratio 49 is 7 A, ratio 84 is 4,5 A, absolute max. voltage is 28 VDC) Actual weight may vary depending on model and options selected Max. static load/ Self locking force Temperature Protection class Cable specification Bending Radius Materials \ Options Stainless steel versions (AISI 316) Brackets in aluminum or stainless steel Brackets with clevis Brackets with spherical bearings Hall sensors for positioning and/or synchronization HE (Harsh Environment) version (gear ratio 1:4 not available) Tested according to IP68 and IP69 and passed the criteria for a depth of one meter for one hour. Test reports are available on request. Low noise version Spline and emergency lowering Other cable lengths (1 - 9 m) Version certified according to IEC60601-1, ANSI/ AAMI/ES60601-1, CAN/CSA-22.2 No60601-1 available (24 VDC only) \ On Request Available in all RAL colors Other stroke lengths available Customised front and rear brackets Customised build-in-dimensions Contact Concens for any special requirements Check for updates at DATA SHEET | con50 | February 2021 | 1

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| Speed/Force Speed [mm/s] Force/Current Use in the dashed area is no t rec ommended. Please contact Concens for further information. Graphs are indicative only Load [N] push / pull OQU03 Dimensions Axial backlash: +/- 0.5 mm General dimensional variation: +/- 1 mm 2 | DATA SHEET | con50 | February 2021

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Max. Max. static steel Max. static steel static load Stainless steel load Stainless load Stainless 16800N clevis 16800N 16800N with with clevis with clevis Stainless steelsteel Stainless load Stainless Stainless Max. Max. static load Max. static steel steel static load with 16800N clevis with with with clevis 16800N clevis 16800N clevis Max. static steelsteel Max. static steel steel Max. load Max. static Stainless static load Stainless load load Stainless Stainless 16800N clevis brackets 16800N with 16800N clevis with with clevis Con50 standard brackets Con50with clevis brackets Con5016800N...

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DATA SHEET Type ID Piston ring crlrr Tube color Brackets Steel & IP Class Hall sensors " (- without hall /+ with hall) Cable & Connector Cable Length Pitch Voltage Gearing Low noise " (- without low noise /+ with low noise) Stroke length Product series I Recommendations and warnings ■ Never expose the actuator to hammer strike during installation or in other situations. ■ Retrofitted bushings should be pressed into the bracket-borings. No hammering. ■ Power supply without over-current protection can cause serious damage to the actuator at mechanical end-stop or when actuator is overloaded...

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