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XE-0050-0010 - 1

IMPS (In-Mould Pressure Sensor) — 0 to 6 Bar Absolute High Temperature 180°C (120°C compensated) M10 Thread Pressure Specifications Pressure Range Over Pressure Burst Pressure Pressure Port O-Ring Face Type Housing Material Connector Type Document number—A DS- Issued: 23.06.2021

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XE-0050-0010 - 2

Input Specifications Electrical Excitation Input Current Input Impedance Output Impedance Output Specifications Span TC zero point and span typ.: Environmental Specifications Compensated Temperature Ambient Temperature IP55 (IP67 with a mounted female connector) Electrical Connections—see Figure 1 A 10 metres — High Temperature Part Number IMPS—Sensor 0 to 6 Bar Absolute High Temperature — 180°C (120°C compensated) M10 Thread High Temperature MIL connector with 10m Teflon cable DIN Rail Amplifier — for specifications see EL-35-0040-02 data sheet Manufacturer Calibration and Setup

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XE-0050-0010 - 3

DIN Rail Amplifier AMP320: 0—10V and 4—20mA Output Component of XE-0050-0010 Environment Specifications Operating Temperature Range Minimum Storage Temperature Maximum Storage Temperature

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XE-0050-0010 - 4

Electrical Specifications Mounting Type Power Supply Typical Current Draw 30mA (no load applied input or output—power supply must source 150mA min) Output Resistance (Voltage) Maximum Output Resistance (Current) 700 Ω Minimum Sensor Resistance Common Mode Rejection Ratio Output Span Range Output Zero Range Gain Drift with Temperature Gain Non-Linearity Zero Drift with Temperature EL-35-0040-02 is used in conjunction with XE-0050-0010 Please see XE-0050-0010 data sheet for more information

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