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MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS Diamant SMART USE industrial plants with hot and cold fluids winery automation systems Building Management Systems (BMS) hydraulic plants HVAC plants compressed air plants Compact SMART Universal SMART FUNCTIONING SMART PRO multifunctional actuators use the last generation stepper motors with closed loop control system: the position of the gear shaft is detected by a potentiometer and this grants high precision and reliability in terms of positioning. All SMART PRO actuators can be supplied with a Fail Safe system: in case of failure of power supply the actuator automatically moves to the set safety position by using the energy stored in the integrated supercapacitors. Thanks to the Wi-Fi configuration unit it is possible to easily and remotely access to all actuator's functions (type of control, operating times, rotation angles, etc.), to check its status (reached position, inside temperature, work time, etc.) and to perform a diagnostic control in case of mistakes or default. Versions with Modbus RTU can be connected to a RS485 2-wire network for the direct communication to a PLC or BMS by using the Modbus RTU protocol. This allows an easy and safe control and monitoring of the actuators. VERSIONS AND CODE BUILDER Example: Diamant gency manual override. SMART PRO, 90° rotation, 12V/24V AC/DC power supply, ISO 5211 connection, Modbus protocol, Fail Safe, emer- EXAMPLE code Range DSP = Diamant SMART PRO • 11 Nm CSP = Compact SMART PRO • 22 Nm Manual Override A = Present Fail Safe Rotation angle Power supply Connection to ball valve C = COMPARATO connection F = ISO 5211 connection

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS TECHNICAL FEATURES SMART Diamant SMART PRO FAIL SAFE ELECTRICAL DATA Power supply Max working power consumption Standby power consumption Heating resistance consumption Power supply cable Signal cable Microswitch features Nominal torque Type of control Positioning signal Dead band positioning signal Impedance of the positioning signal Positioning feedback Max positioning feedback power Precision of positioning Motor rotation direction Emergency manual override Rotation angle Correction of angular positioning Operating time (90°) Max noise Class protection...

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SMART PRO multifunction actuator - 3

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS POWER CORD CABLE REPRESENTATION 1. POWER cord 2. SIGNAL cable * POWER SUPPLY ACCORDING TO THE SELECTED VERSION SIGNAL CABLE ** only for MODBUS version OPENING MICROSWITCH OPENING position CLOSING position CLOSING MICROSWITCH CAUTION In case an actuator with a 24V AC power supply is coupled with systems/control units with proportional output in tension (0-10V / 2-10V) and half wave power supply 24VAC, it is possible to realise the wiring according to the nearby scheme.

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS FUNCTIONS Operating modes Close-loop positioning control: a potentiometer on the final gear shaft detects the exact position reached by the actuator. ON/OFF 2 or 3 point control (-) NEUTRAL The actuator can reach the middle position thanks to the ON/OFF control (45° or 90° angle on the basis of the 90° or 180° operating angle) (-) NEUTRAL PROPORTIONAL control Powered-on modulating signal (0…10V /2…10V) or current (0…20mA/4…20mA) determining the proportional positioning of the actuator. Modulating signal and pulse width modulation compliant with DIN IEC...

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SMART PRO multifunction actuator - 5

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS Variation of the operating time It is possible to select different operating times for the 90° rotation; the supply torque of the actuator is kept constant at the nominal value. Correction of the angular positioning This function can increase or decrease the angular value of the closing, opening and middle position: • closing (0°) interval [-4° ÷ +30°] • opening (90°/180°) interval [-30° ÷ +4°] • middle (45°/90°) interval [-10° ÷ +10°] Dead band The dead band is defined in percentage according to the proportional control. If the proportional control is lower...

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SMART PRO multifunction actuator - 6

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS WI-FI COMMUNICATION INTERFACE The Wi-Fi interface is provided with access points - Web server: when the actuator is powered, a Wi-Fi network is generated and it is possible to access to it thanks to a password. TYPE OF CONTROL OPERATING TIME INVERSION OF CONTROL POWER SUPPLY DEAD BAND VALUE CORRECTION ANGLES FAIL SAFE POSITION FORCE POSITION HEATING RESISTANCE HEATER TEMPERATURE SETPOINT [°C] MONITORING Percentage reached position Internal temperature of the actuator Temperature of the motor Anomaly signal Number of fail safe interventions Functioning times...

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SMART PRO multifunction actuator - 7

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS INSTALLATION The valve shall not be installed upside down. When the valve operates with low temperature fluids (possibility of formation of ice on the shaft) or with high temperature (danger of overheating of the actuator), it is advisable to install it as per the pictures below: ALLOWED POSITION SUGGESTED POSITION CAUTION! Do not realise high-pressure washdown directly on the actuator (ex high pressure cleaner) DIMENSIONS AND BALL VALVE CONNECTION ACTUATORS Diamant SMART PRO COMPARATO connection Diamant SMART PRO ISO 5211 connection

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SMART PRO multifunction actuator - 8

MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROTARY ACTUATORS Universal SMART PRO ISO 5211 connection EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS DIAMANT SMART PRO MULTIFUNCTION ACTUATOR • torque: 11 Nm, rotation angle: 90°, power supply: 12V-24V AC/DC, 2 microswitches free in opening and closing, positioning feedback: 2-10V, communication protocol: Wi-Fi access point - web server programming, manual control, monitoring and diagnostics, programmable Fail Safe in opening / closing / middle position, class protection: IP67, emergency manual override, connection to the ball valve: ISO 5211 connection F03-F05 Q9-11. Brand: COMPARATO Code:...

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