SINTESI 6-way brass ball valve


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SINTESI 6-WAY BALL VALVES USE 4-tube systems for automatic summer/winter switching adjusting of radiant ceilings, fan coils and chilled beams (terminal units) KEY FEATURES fast push connection with of the actuator Kv selection disc overpressure discharge system VERSIONS AND TECHNICAL FEATURES * value with no disc added Versions with conical or Eurocono connections available on request. TECHNICAL FEATURES Fluid type Fluid temperature Rated pressure Characteristic curve Linear, with regulation disc Total operating angle Operating angle of the first section Angle of “neutral zone” Operating angle of the second section

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SINTESI 6-way brass ball valve - 2

SINTESI 6-WAY BALL VALVES OPERATION The 6-way valve consists of two three-way ball valves which are moved simultaneously by the same control rod. Therefore, a single 6-way motorized valve replaces four 2-way motorized valves, simplifying the control and installation. With the 6-way valves you can therefore change the state (hot/cold) and the complete hydraulic insulation of the terminal unit from the distribution, when required. HEATING OPENING COOLING OPENING OVERPRESSURE DISCHARGE SYSTEM When the valve is in the closed position (position 45°) the hydraulic circuit between the terminal...

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SINTESI 6-way brass ball valve - 3

SINTESI 6-WAY BALL VALVES MATERIAL USED EPDM - PEROX SIDE SEAL ANTI-FRICTION RING EPDM - PEROX PHOSPHOR BRONZE EPDM - PEROX KVS DISCS The 6-way valve is supplied in the configuration which guarantees the maximum value of Kvs, i.e. of flow rate, for each of the two sections. The flow rates for each of the two sections are actually different: the heating flow rates are normally lower than the flow rates required for cooling, due to the lower ΔT. For this reason, each valve is supplied with a kit consisting of 4 pairs of perfectly interchangeable discs through which it is possible to manage...

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SINTESI 6-WAY BALL VALVES OVERALL SIZE ACTUATOR 59 • SINTESI • SINTESI SMART • SINTESI SMART MODBUS • SINTESI DC 42 dimension C to be taken into account when coupling the actuator to the ball valve COMBINATION WITH THE SINTESI ACTUATOR 2 / 3 POINT SINTESI PROPORTIONAL SINTESI SMART SINTESI SMART MODBUS 2 POINTS / 3 POINTS / 3 POSITIONS SINTESI DC Switching 0° - 90° Switching and closing 0°- 45°- 90° Switching, adjustment and closing 0°- 45°- 90° EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS 6-WAY BRASS BALL VALVE • CW602N UNI EN12167, PTFE seals, PN16, G3/4" M connections. Operating temperature +5°C… +100°C....

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