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SINSTESI SMART actuator - 1

SINTESI SMART ROTARY ACTUATOR FOR BALL VALVES WITH PROPORTIONAL CONTROL USE zone heating / cooling systems HVAC drinking water systems systems using alternative energy thermal solar systems, with suitable ball valve household automation systems KEY FEATURES powered-on or current mode proportional control power supply 24V AC/ DC - 100...240V 50/60Hz SINTESI SMART position feedback 2…10V fast push connection with SINTESI SMART ball valve range manual operation SINTESI SMART TECHNICAL FEATURES Power supply Power consumption during operation Power consumption during standby Feeder cable Nominal torque Maximum torque Position signal Position signal impedance 100 kΩ voltage signal / 500 Ω current signal Position signal impedance range Dead band on position signal Position indicator Rotating arrow Position feedback signal Maximum position feedback current Operating angle Operating time (for a 90° rotation) Positioning accuracy Maximum noise (at 1m distance) Indoor, protected from frost Operational room temperature Ambient humidity Protection degree Insulation degree Outlet shell material * 110 V versions are available on request • ** not available with 12V DC power supply Notes and Warnings: The device is designed to be used in heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems and - in general - in civil installations with features corresponding to the above-mentioned specifications. It can not be used outside the intended application field. The actuator must be installed indoors and far from the direct sunlight.

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SINSTESI SMART actuator - 2

SINTESI SMART ROTARY ACTUATOR FOR BALL VALVES WITH PROPORTIONAL CONTROL VERSIONS POWERED-ON piloting Operating time CURRENT MODE piloting Operating time CURRENT MODE PILOTING OPTIONS Power supply 100… 240V AC replace the 4 with the 2 in the code - example SM2420T030 replace the 4 with the 5 in the code - example SM5420T030 For powered-on piloting versions with double half-wave AC power supply, please contact our technical office FUNCTIONS Proportional positioning The SINTESI SMART motorised valve receives an analogue positioning command which the actuator translates into a proportional...

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SINSTESI SMART actuator - 3

SINTESI SMART ROTARY ACTUATOR FOR BALL VALVES WITH PROPORTIONAL CONTROL ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS CURRENT MODE PILOTING 0-20mA / 4-20mA NOTES • The connection of the power cable should be made inside a branch box with at least an IP54 protection. COUPLING SEQUENCE TO BALL VALVES WITH FAST CONNECTION MOTOIRISED VALVE SEALING WITH LEAD By means of special seals (not included), it is possible to seal the motorised valve with lead, in order to prevent the actuator to be removed from the ball valve. MANUAL OPERATION In case of need, it is possible to open/close the ball valve manually, as follows:...

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SINSTESI SMART actuator - 4

SINTESI SMART ROTARY ACTUATOR FOR BALL VALVES WITH PROPORTIONAL CONTROL OVERALL SIZE ACTUATOR 107 EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS SINTESI SMART actuator, 0-10V proportional control, 2-10V positioning feedback, torque: 8 Nm, power supply: 24V AC/DC, single half-wave, operating time: 30 sec / 90°, operating angle: 90°, degree of protection: IP54, for ball valve: 2-way / 3-way / 6-way / PICV / by-pass, connection to the ball valve via SINTESI FAST PUSH CONNECTION. Brand: COMPARATO Code: SM4010F030 UPDATED DATA SHEETS AVAILABLE AT In order to provide an up-to-date service, Comparato Nello S.r.l....

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