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Direct metering, heating and hybrid domestic hot water production with heat pump DESCRIPTION FUTURA HP is the innovative hybrid Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) that uses heat pump technology to produce domestic hot water by storage. OPERATION During the winter season, the unit performs the heating function of the housing unit and the production function of domestic hot water by drawing thermal energy from the central distribution network. The energy is produced by a centralised generator and transported on the network by means of a thermo-carrier fluid. During the summer season, when the heating function is not required, the production of domestic water is performed by the heat pump integrated in the unit with a generated heat output of about 2 kW. BENEFITS In this condition, FUTURA HP no longer needs to absorb power from the primary network, so the centralised generator can be switched off with resulting environmental and economic benefits. When compared to a traditional solution with localised production or centralised production of domestic hot water, during the summer season FUTURA HP exempts the centralised plant from the burden of domestic hot water production, thus eliminating the energy losses due to distribution. Therefore, the system improves the distribution efficiency, which represents one of the most critical aspects in the design/management of this type of plant. Moreover, the heat pump, while in operation, generates fresh and dry air that can be introduced into the room where the unit is installed or channeled and brought outside the housing unit as an integration to the ventilation system. Production of domestic hot water with high efficiency heat pump during the summer. Zero temperature dispersion on the distribution network during the summer season. Possibility of integration with mechanical ventilation and cooling systems. New or renovated residential buildings. Housing units (e.g. villas) connected to a district heating network. DOMESTIC UNITS WINTER FUNCTION FUNCTIONAL CHART SUMMER FUNCTION DRY FRESH AIR HEATING SYSTEM POWER SUPPLY DISTRIBUTION NETWORKE HEAT PUMP

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