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Automatic heat source selection and electronic temperature control of heat exchanger outlet for pool regulation systems ECOPOOL can be used for pool heating where managing the commutation between two different heat sources in an automatic way is necessary, for instance solar thermal and gas boiler. ECOPOOL is available in following diameters DN20, DN25 e DN32. Other diameters are available on request. DESCRIPTION The kit is composed by n. 2-way motorised valves with different functions: deviating valve (1) gives the priority to an heat source (eg. solar thermal) when the temperature is enough to warm the pool. If this does not occur it deviates and connects the second heat source (eg. boiler) in an automatic way. In order to activate the working process, the actuator must be connected to a thermostat (not included) that can detect the temperature of the accumulation technical water of the priority heat source. Electronic regulation of the inlet temperature to the pool; Possibility of remote control thanks to the RS485 serial connection with Modbus-RTU protocol.. Automatic switching between two different energetic sources according to the available temperature; The modulating valve (2) keeps constant and precise temperature value set on the plated exchanger output for the benefit of the comfort and of the energy saving. Temperature setting can be made locally, thanks to the User interface (keyboard and display),r remotely thanks to Modbus-RTU serial connection. TECNICAL FEATURES Type of fluid Max pressure Max temperature 3-way deviating motorised valve 3-way modulating motorised valve with temperature probe Electronic controller Accuracy Temperature setting Installation Ambient temperature Ambient humidity DZR brass PTFE EPDM Hydraulic connections Power supply Body valves Seats O-ring Temperature probe on inlet pool POOL VOLUME POOL FLOW RATE PRIMARY FLOW RATE A Flow from source 1 B Flow from source 2 C Return to sources D Flow to pool exchanger EXCHANGER POWER

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OVERALL SIZE Solar panels Solar tank Heat exchanger Circulation pump Water treatment system UPDATED DATA SHEETS AVAILABLE AT In order to provide an up-to-date service, Comparato Nello S.r.l. reserves the right to modify technical data, drawings, graphs and photos of this data sheet at any time, without prior notice. HYDROTHERMAL SYSTEMS COMPARA TO NELLO S.r.l. 17014 CAIRO MONTENOTTE (SV) ITALIA VIALE DELLA LIBERTÀ • LOCALITÀ FERRANIA • Tel. +39 019 510.371 - FAX +39 019 517.102

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