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Hydraulic interface unit between solid fuel and gas boiler DESCRIPTION ECOKAM T modules are used in combined gas boiler and solid fuel boiler systems (thermo-fireplaces, cooking stoves, hydro-stoves, wood and/or pellet boilers) with open or closed surge chamber. Thanks to the hydraulic separation of the circuits, the powers of the two generators do not add up, according to what is indicated by the R ISPESL collection. ECOKAM T modules separate the gas boiler circuit from the heating system circuit. Hydraulic interface unit for the HEATING function • Hydraulic separation • Automatic management of the gas boiler and the solid fuel boiler depending on the condition of the latter (if equipped with control system - optional) • Two outlet options: 24 kW and 35 kW (gas boiler power) • Electronic ERP system pump DIACOL MANIFOLD ECOKAM T GAS BOILER SOLID FUEL BOILER HEATING SYSTEM CLOSED EXPANSION VESSEL OPEN EXPANSION VESSEL ROOM THERMOSTAT CONTACT THERMOSTAT (INCLUDED IN THE CONTROL UNIT)

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Return from the system Return to gas boiler Flow from gas boiler Flow to the system Plate exchanger System pump Non-return valve Control kit (optional) Hydraulic connections G3/4" with neutral nut ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WITH OPTIONAL CONTROL SYSTEM • Electrical supply 230V 50Hz under magnetothermal switch • Room thermostat (not supplied): free contact - TCOM / TCom terminals • Gas boiler control - TA terminals • Adjustable contact thermostat (supplied in the kit): to be placed on the solid fuel boiler flow discharge * • Pump (the cable is supplied already connected) * the adjustable contact...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES HYDRAULIC CIRCUITS Fluid type Max. Temperature Max. Pressure PIPING Material Size ECOKAM T • 24 kW Power PRIMARY CIRCUIT - GAS BOILER Flow rate Temperature in / out SECONDARY CIRCUIT - HEATING Flow rate Temperature in / out HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS Material Size HYDRAULIC SUPPORT Materiale SHELL Material Colour POWER SUPPLY Voltage Frequency Maximum power consumption USAGE Installation Room temperature range Humidity range EMPTY WEIGHTS Ecokam T brass G 3/4" female ECOKAM T • 35 kW Power PRIMARY CIRCUIT Flow rate Temperature in / out SECONDARY CIRCUIT Flow rate Temperature...

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It is advisable to use hydraulic flexible connection in order to com- pensate for any thermal expansion and possible misalignment between the system connections. CE Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/ue: 26/04/2014 CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/UE OVERALL SIZE WITHOUT SHELL WITH SHELL EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS ECOKAM T HYDRAULIC INTERFACE UNIT for separating the gas boiler from the rest of the system with plated heat exchanger, nominal power 35 kW, ceiling-mounted installation for technical room, complete with: • braze-welded plated heat exchanger • system circuit pump •...

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