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Diasys Multi-purpose manifold The DIASYS multi-purpose single-pipe manifold provides a compact package of hydraulic separator and distribution manifold functions for pump units. OPERATION The purpose of the compensator is to hydraulically separate the heating circuit and the plant in use, when they have different water flow needs. The collector function allows to distribute the provided quantity of thermal carrier fluid to the various zones, according to the characteristics of the zone itself, using the relevant pumps. Generator DIASYS DIRECT pump unit MIXING FIXED-POINT pump unit MIXING MODULATING pump unit Control unit External probe for climatic function Room thermostat

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Diasys According to the flow rate differences between G1 primary circuit (power unit) and the sum of ΣG1-n secondary circuits (plant), two different scenarios may occur inside DIASYS: The lower flow rate on the primary circuit G1 allows the mixing of the system flow and return inside the compensation chamber. Consequently, the delivery temperature to the various zones will be lower than the temperature of the flow coming from the generator. The higher flow rate on the primary circuit G1 allows the mixing between the flow and the return to the generator, thus increasing the return...

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