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MAGNETIC DEPOSIT SEPARATOR FOR HEATING PLANT USE is the serviceable deposit separator filter for thermal power station, equipped with magnet and drain for the periodic cleaning, pre-set for the clogging measurement with threaded-coupling pressure fittings. interception by mechanical filtration of impurities circulating in the system trapping of ferrous impurities in water using a magnet sedimentation action - deposit separator discharge of collected impurities via manual valve (not included) possibility to measure clogging by reading the pressure differential inspection and cleaning by removing filter element Diafil is necessary when you wanto to preserve the thermal power plant from deteriorating due to the presence of impurities, plastic residues, production leftovers and iron dust in the circulating water. Thanks to the special drain sleeve, the cleaning procedure can be carried out quickly and easily without the need to remove parts of the filter. In addition, the presence of pressure taps upstream and downstream of the filter allows the installation of pressure gauges in order to assess whether the Diafil filter must be discharged and opened to clean the filter element. If pressure switches or pressure transducers are installed instead of the pressure gauges, it is possible, by connecting these sensors to a control unit, to remotely send a warning signal that the filter needs to be cleaned. TECHNICAL FEATURES Maximum operating pressure Maximum temperature Exterior paint Water-based primer, red: DIAFIL magnetic filter Body material Filter element material Inspection flange seal Neodymium magnet * different filtration grades on request

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MAGNETIC DEPOSIT SEPARATOR FOR HEATING PLANT APPLICATION EXAMPLES DIAFIL magnetic filter Boiler DIACOM hydraulic compensator DIACOL manifold SINTESI zone motorized valve DIAFIL magnetic filter DIAMANT SMART PRO Boiler Management electronics GSM interface By installing pressure switches or pressure transducers on the appropriate connections at the inlet and outlet of the filter, it is possible to automatically measure its clogging status and to control the motorized exhaust valve equipped with the fail Safe system (automatic closing in case of lack of electrical power) DIAMANT SMART PRO....

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MAGNETIC DEPOSIT SEPARATOR FOR HEATING PLANT OPERATION AND INSTALLATION The fluid enters the central body of the filter where, thanks to the sudden increase of the section (A), it slows down allowing the heavier particles to fall down due to gravity, with a typical action of the deposit separator. Then, the flow is forced to enter the filtration septum (B) for the mechanical separation of the remaining suspended particles. In the center there’s the magnet (C), which is completely immersed in the flow: in this way the attraction effect of the ferromagnetic powder is maximized. The low-speed...

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MAGNETIC DEPOSIT SEPARATOR FOR HEATING PLANT OVERALL SIZE EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS Serviceable magnetic filter for thermal power station with deposit separator function – DIAFIL, in-line connections, filtration grade 900 μm, capture of ferrous impurities thanks to the action of the nudimium magnet N52, material: EN10255 carbon steel, max. working pressure 5 bar, max. operating temperature 90°C, paint type water-based primer, color red, complete with threaded coupling for relief valve and exhaust valve, equipped with threaded couplings for pressure taps. Version: Threaded connections 2”M -...

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