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DEPOSIT SEPARATOR WITH AIR SEPARATION FUNCTION USE AND FEATURES The operating principle of the Diadef deposit separator provides for a low turbulence zone where the fluid flow has a very low speed compared to the pipes: in this way the dragging effect on single particles of impurities is significantly reduced, while the action of gravity prevails, helping their settlement on the bottom of the deposit separator. In order to promote this condition, inside the deposit, crosswise to the flow direction, there is a grid (see drawing and table at the bottom of the page): dirt particles hit the grid, further lowering their speed and, therefore, they sediment more easily. In the lower part of Diadef there is a sump for sediments that, once settled, can not re-enter circulation because of the above-mentioned low speed: then, the periodic opening of a drain cock allows the draining of the sump. The connection position has been designed in order to ease the above mentioned functions. PECULIARITY The low speeds inside the Diadef deposit separator allow the dirt collection, the ejection of air bubbles and, moreover, they give another important feature to the device: low pressure drops, in general and in particular, in comparison with other comparable filters. Diadef TECHNICAL FEATURES • • • • Maximum fluid temperature: 90° Maximum fluid pressure: 5 bar Material: carbon steel EN10255 Paint: water-based primer, red FLANGED INSULATION TECHNICAL FEATURES • Shell insulation in flame-retardant polyurethane (B2) density 70÷80 Kg/m3, silver coating. APPLICATION EXAMPLE: MANIFOLD

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DEPOSIT SEPARATOR WITH AIR SEPARATION FUNCTION VERSIONS CONNECTIONS Deposit separator code Insulation code Deposit separator code Insulation code FLUID-DYNAMIC FEATURES (losses in primary and secondary circuits shall be calculated separately) Kv : flow coefficient [m3/h] Q : flow rate [m3/h] Δp : pressure drop = (Q / Kv)2 Kv and INDICATIVE FLOW RATES THREADED Ø 1" 1"1/4 1"1/2 2"

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DEPOSIT SEPARATOR WITH AIR SEPARATION FUNCTION NON-STANDARD DEPOSIT SEPARATORS Iron and stainless steel deposit separators are available on request with non-standard measures, according to the client's drawings. Examples. EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS DIADEF deposit separator for thermal power station, with extra air separation function, DN65 flanged connections with PN10-16 flanges, 1"1/2 F vent valve sleeve, 1" F exhaust valve sleeve, maximum temperature 90°C, maximum pressure 5 bar, EN10255 carbon steel, red water-based primer coating. Brand: COMPARATO Code: DF212 UPDATED DATA SHEETS...

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