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Diacom MINI Compact compensator The DIACOM MINI hydraulic compensator is used to hydraulically separate the energy production circuit from the utilization circuit when they have different flow rates. Moreover, it creates a slow vertical path aimed at helping the upflow air separation and the accumulation of dirt and sludge in the lower part. DIACOM MINI is designed to be easily combined with the DIACOL 125 coplanar manifolds designed for pump units and it is supplied with connection joints for a correct installation. A shell insulation made of the same material and finishes of manifolds and pump units is also available, in order to obtain a perfect result. OVERALL SIZE code CM114 (DIACOM MINI) code CBC114 (DIACOM MINI insulation) TECHNICAL FEATURES • Female threaded connections 1"1/4 Shell insulation in expanded polypropylene (EPP) (density 30 Kg/m3), with interlocking Maximum fluid temperature: 90° Maximum fluid pressure: 5 bar Material: carbon steel EN10255 Paint: water-based primer, red CARATTERISTICHE IDRAULICHE • Primary maximum flow (generator): 4 m3/h Maximum secondary flow (system): 6 m3/h UPDATED DATA SHEETS AVAILABLE AT In order to provide an up-to-date service, Comparato Nello S.r.l. reserves the right to modify technical data, drawings, graphs and photos of this data sheet at any time, without prior notice. HYDROTHERMAL SYSTEMS COMPARA TO NELLO S.r.l. 17014 CAIRO MONTENOTTE (SV) ITALIA VIALE DELLA LIBERTÀ • LOCALITÀ FERRANIA • Tel. +39 019 510.371 - FAX +39 019 517.102 www.comparato.com

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