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Metering, heating/cooling lines and domestic hot/cold water lines DESCRIPTION CONTER S is a hydraulic interface unit (HIU) for the management and the direct metering in centralised heating/cooling and domestic water systems. The unit is provided with a box for built-into-wall installation with vertical or horizontal flows with opposite connections. It comes with replacement meter stub pieces. After flushing the system, the M-bus direct metering kit can be installed. CONTER S is available with 2-way SINTESI motorised valve with 24V or 230V power supply. • Management independence • Costs breakdown according to real consumptions • Total security • Energy saving • Compact size HEATING OUTLET HEATING RETURN HOT DOMESTIC WATER COLD DOMESTIC WATER SANITARY RECIRCULATION CENTRALISED GENERATOR DEVIATING VALVE MIXING VALVE HOUSING UNIT CONTER S TECHNICAL ROOM SANITARY UNITS HOUSING UNIT HEATING SYSTEM ROOM THERMOSTAT

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Domestic hot water inlet Domestic cold water inlet Outlet from centralised system Return to centralised system Domestic hot water outlet Domestic cold water outlet Heating/cooling flow Heating/cooling return 1 : Manual interception valves 2 : ON/OFF SINTESI actuator, 230V or 24V AC, 2-way ball valve 3 : Domestic water direct metering lines 4 : Heating/cooling energy meter 5 : Static balancing 6 : Y-strainer HYDRAULIC FEATURES A : Heating line kv 2,18 m3/h (with static limiter and energy meter) kv by-pass 0,79 m3/h B : Domestic water lines kv 1,64 m3/h (with volumetric meter) kv = flow...

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S TECHNICAL FEATURES HEATING LINE Fluid type Maximum / minimum temperature Maximum operating pressure DOMESTIC WATER LINE Fluid type Maximum temperature POWER SUPPLY Voltage Frequency Maximum power consumption USAGE Installation Room temperature Ambient humidity INSULATION Type Material PIPING Material Size HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS Material Size HYDRAULIC SUPPORT / BOX Material SHELL / FRAME AND DOOR Material Colour Painting thermoformed shell expanded polyethylene STATIC BALANCING VALVE Type Kvs water (3 ) hot water 90°C cold water 30°C 6 bar (2 ) Maximum operating pressure galvanized sheet...

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2-point SINTESI actuator TECHNICAL FEATURES Electric control Power supply Operating time (rotation 90°) Torque Input power Power output of the extra micro switch Operational room temperature Protection degree Insulation degree Maintenance Certification ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM BLUE BROWN (CLOSES) BROWN (CLOSES) GREEN (OPENS) GREEN (OPENS) OPENING VALVE CLOSING VALVE BLUE wire: neutral BROWN wire: fixed phase GREEN wire: opening phase GREY wire: outlet phase with open valve TA: room thermostat M1: extra microswitch free in opening position Supplying power by means of a phase only across the brown...

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CONTER S hydraulic interface unit - 5

S INSTALLATION CONTER S is designed for indoor installation, in a frost-free room. The installation is vertical, with the hydraulic connections above the centralised system and below the housing unit, or horizontal with the hydraulic connections toward the centralised system on the left and toward the housing unit on the right. All connections are G3/4" M according to ISO228/1. INSTALLATION WARNING It is advisable to use flexible hydraulic connection in order to compensate for any thermal expansion and possible misalignment between the system connections. RECOMMENDED • The unit can not be...

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EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS CONTER S HYDRAULIC INTERFACE UNIT for direct metering and management of heating/cooling systems with central production of domestic hot water: • Manual shut-off valves on central side with red and blue handwheels • 2-way SINTESI ball valve on heating/cooling line • DHW and DCW meters replacement stub pieces • Energy meter replacement stub piece • Y-strainer • Static balance valve. Copper pipes Ø18 mm, hydraulic connections G3/4"M (ISO 228/1 standard). Maximum pressure 6 bar, maximum temperature 90°C. Vertical installation with top inlets or horizontal installation...

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