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Direct metering, hydraulic separation, regulation and distribution for heating / cooling radiant panel systems CONTER R is a unit for direct metering designed for the replacement of radiators with radiant panels in buildings with a centralised system and heat cost allocators. Direct metering by MID certified heat meter; Hydraulic separation between centralised system and housing unit by plate heat exchanger; Regulation of the flow temperature to the radiant panel system with fixed point or with weather compensation; In case of renovations of apartments, if the intention is to replace a centralised system equipped with radiators and heat cost allocator units with an underfloor, wall or ceiling radiant panel system, it is possible to connect one or more CONTER R units (according to the size and thermal load of housing unit) to the distribution system - riser column - and to replace the radiators. Communication of Wireless M-Bus. Together with actions for the reduction of the energy needs of the housing units, such as thermal insulation of the walls and installation of double or triple glazed windows, it allows to reach important benefits in terms of energy saving. via CONTER R includes all the necessary components in a single, extremely compact box: Interception manual valves - centralised system side (1) Wireless M-Bus heat meter (2) Plate heat exchanger (4) Strainer (3) SINTESI motorised valve: 2-way modulating (5) SUPPLY AND RETURN RADIANT SYSTEM SUPPLY AND RETURN RADIANT SYSTEM SUPPLY AND RETURN RISER COLUMN SUPPLY AND RETURN RISER COLUMN Pump (6) Flow temperature probe (7) Safety thermostat (8) Pressure gauge (9) Safety valve (10) Expansion vessel (11) Filling point (12) Control panel with keyboard (13) Distribution manifold (14) HVAC motorised valve (15) RISER COLUMN RISER COLUMN External probe for weather compensation Balancing valve Manifold with electrothermal heads WITH HEAT METER RADIATOR WITH HEAT ALLOCATOR

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CONTER R hydraulic interface unit - 2

THERMAL EXCHANGE FEATURES PRIMARY CIRCUIT • Centralised Plant Type of fluid VDI 2035 water Max temperature 90°C Pressure 6 bar SECONDARY CIRCUIT • Housing Unit Type of fluid VDI 2035 water Max temperature 90°C Max pressure 6 bar PIPES Material copper Dimension Ø 18 mm HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS Material BRASS Dimension G3/4" BOX Material 10/10 galvanized sheet FRAME AND DOOR Material 10/10 black metal sheet Colour RAL 9010 ELECTRIC SUPPLY Power supply 230V ± 10% Frequency 50 Hz Max power consumption 55 W USE Installation Ambient temperature Ambient humidity MOTORISED VALVES Primary circuit HVAC...

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