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Direct metering, heating/cooling lines and hot/cold domestic water lines DESCRIPTION CONTER is an hydraulic interface unit (HIU) for the management and direct metering in centralised heating/cooling systems that can be configured according to the installation requirements. CONTER can be equipped with one or more lines for the direct metering of the domestic hot and cold water and provided with a low temperature control unit (LT) for radiant panels. Wall hanging installation in technical compartment or in a containment box. • Management independence • Costs breakdown according to real consumptions • Total security • Energy saving • Compact size • Installation with right or left inlets HEATING OUTLET HEATING RETURN HOT DOMESTIC WATER COLD DOMESTIC WATER SANITARY RECIRCULATION CENTRALISED GENERATOR DEVIATING VALVE MIXING VALVE HOUSING UNIT CONTER TECHNICAL ROOM SANITARY UNITS HOUSING UNIT HEATING SYSTEM ROOM THERMOSTAT

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Domestic cold water inlet Domestic hot water inlet Return to centralised system Outlet from centralised system Domestic cold water outlet Domestic hot water outlet Heating/cooling return Heating/cooling flow Manual interception valves ON/OFF * 230V or 24V AC SINTESI actuator Y-strainer Flow rate regulation (static flow limiter, static or dynamic balancing, pump) 2-way or by-pass SINTESI ball valve Additional lines for domestic water direct metering Low temperature mixing unit with control unit Heating/cooling energy meter Small sheet metal box for built-into-wall unit Large sheet metal box...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 3

TECHNICAL FEATURES HEATING LINE Fluid type Maximum/minimum temperature Maximum operating pressure INSULATION Type Material PUMPS Type Features DOMESTIC WATER LINE Fluid type Maximum temperature thermoformed shell expanded polyethylene electronic ERP see graphs water (3 ) 90°C hot water 30°C cold water 6 bar (2 ) Maximum operating pressure PIPING Material Size HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS Material Size HYDRAULIC SUPPORT / BOX Material SHELL / FRAME AND DOOR Material Colour Painting POWER SUPPLY Voltage Frequency Maximum power consumption copper Ø 18 mm brass G3/4"M ISO228/1 galvanized sheet 10/10...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 4

HIU CONFIGURATION FLOW REGULATION BALL VALVE STATIC FLOW LIMITER Balances the flow rates until they meet the design requirements for a proper plant operation STATIC BALANCING VALVE Allows the flow rates to be manually balanced using a calibrated knob until they reach the design values which are necessary for a proper plant operation DYNAMIC BALANCING VALVE It allows to automatically keep the flow constant at a predefined value, without any external intervention PUMP It allows to deliver the primary fluid back in the apartment without using the central heating system pump MIXING UNIT LOW...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 5

The electrical wiring provided inside the control unit must be connected by a qualified electrician. • 230V / 50Hz power supply • room thermostat. The management electronics is supplied in a plastic box with wall mounting holes. If a built-in model is supplied, the controller is already arranged inside the unit. 2-point SINTESI actuator TECHNICAL FEATURES Electric control Power supply Operating times (90° rotation) Maximum torque Input power Opening auxiliary micro Operational room temperature Protection degree Insulation degree Maintenance Certification ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM BLUE BROWN...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 6

CONTER is supplied with a plastic stub piece that temporarily replaces the energy meter to allow the system “flushing” before the component is installed. ENERGY METER M-bus hot-only model ENERGY METER Type Flow rate Qp Minimum flow Maximum flow DN PN Power supply Protection Interface Certification M-bus hot/cold model (three impulsive inputs for domestic water meter management) Wireless M-bus models upon request. 1 Ultrasonic upon request • 2 Impulsive / radio upon request ADDITIONAL KIT FOR A WATER LINE ENERGY METERS Galvanised steel hydraulic support Manual interception valve INTEGRATED...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 7

INSTALLATION The unit was designed for indoor installation, in a frost-free room. When choosing the installation position, please refer to the following instructions: • HANGING: it must be placed in technical rooms accessible to authorized personnel only. It should be mounted with 2 expansion bolts (not included). • BUILT-INTO-WALL: the CONTER can be completed with a sheet metal box suitable for built-into-wall installation; it can be installed in suitable condominium rooms when it has frame and door. Installation position: RECOMMENDED • The unit can be installed in any position but not...

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CONTER hydraulic interface unit - 8

OVERALL SIZE CONTER 2 WAYS CONTER BY-PASS DYNAMIC BALANCING VALVES STATIC BALANCING MIXING GROUP STATIC FLOW METER EXAMPLE OF SPECIFICATIONS CONTER HYDRAULIC INTERFACE UNIT for the direct metering and management of heating/cooling systems with centralised production of domestic hot water: • Manual interception valves on the central side with red and blue handwheels • By-pass SINTESI ball valve on heating/cooling line • Replacement stub piece for energy meter • Y-strainer • Static balancing valve • Energy line insulation • Galvanised steel brackets for fixing to the wall or container box....

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