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Particle size distribution measurement CMA-9 Comex Multi-Channel Analyzer for on-line measurement

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Comex Multi-Channel Analyzer CMA-9 Operating principle General information Comex CMA analysers can measure particle size distributions from 0.1 to 1000μm, wet or dry, in-line or on-line, in industrial applications. Using advanced laser diffraction technology developed by Malvern, CMA analysers were successfully tested and applied in the industrial scale including production of: minerals, powder coatings, cement, pigments and tonners, metal powders and pharmaceuticals. The robust construction and optimal mechanical configuration guarantees the long-life applications in heavy industrial...

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Comex Multi-Channel Analyzer CMA-9 Comex Multi-Channel Analyzer CMA-9 Dry operating mode Dry measurements are carried out by specially constructed sampling devices, which can be installed in the pressurised piping or in the stream of a free falling material. The measurements are automatically carried out in required timing, the measurement period and the sequence. The sampled material batches are normally analysed at the same time as the sample is taken from the process. However, if necessary the sampling devices can be configured to allow storage of the samples from different channels in...

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The measured data from each analysed sampling point is classified by the software and displayed separately for each channel. The user interface allows entering required settings for each measurement to provide the optimal measuring patterns. In addition, the CMA software generates the data tables for external control like PLC, allowing the PID control of the specific devices in the process, affecting the particle size of the measured samples like slurry pumps, centrifuges, air classifiers, fans, etc. The user interface include the following setting and data presentation possibilities: ■...

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Po Box 53 Location: Olav Ingstadsvei 5 1309 Rud Norway

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